When there are ringing Bells on the forum?


What does it mean when there are ringing Bells on the forum?

So........ what do those little ringing bells that are by old posts mean?
What bells?
Scroll to the bottom of a forum topic, like What Does it Mean, and there is a list telling you what they mean.
I'm not entirely sure WHAT the "bells" are, but I THINK they may be sheets of paper?

Anyway if they're colored (orange), it means there's a post you haven't read in there. If they are animated and shaking (or ringing?!?) it means that it's a popular topic (there are more than 9 posts in it).
It meant that I was flat on my back in bed on a heating pad with numerous dogs on top of me. (I pulled a muscle in my lower back leaning over to pick up London. I am assuming this means she has put on more weight and my days of carrying her around like a baby are over.)
yes, I KNOW that means London has grown too big to be carried like a baby!
Take care of yourself. I pulled a tendon off the back of my pelvis (sacro-iliac joint) a couple weeks ago and I am just starting to feel better! Try using ice packs too.


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