When There Are Braille Dots on the Drive-Up ATM Machine?


What does it mean when There Are Braille Dots on the Drive-Up ATM Machine?

Anyone know? Shocked
So blind people can use it. It's basically standard here....
Yes it's standard here too. I think Wynette was wondering about a blind person driving??! and using a driveup window.
Laughing I hadn't thought of that. Well... it still makes sense. A blind person may have a ride to the bank machine, and not want to give out their own info of course for the other person to use it.
Very Happy I always found this a bit strange too. Guess it's for when a blind person wants to walk up to the machine with their sight sheepdog Very Happy
how do they know that the machine is giving them the right amount of money?
The Braile says: "If there's a person behind you with a gun, enter your PIN as 9119 to summon the police."

(Now, there's a statistical 1 in 10,000 shot that I got your pin by accident. I swear it's just a coincidence!)
You guys are terrible!!!! Wink
It means, I really hope the person using the atm is in the back seat!

We just got jipped at the atm. We had to request they look at the
film, to prove no $$ came out. So they really do have and keep the
films at the atm.

I think it's a wierd as braille on the doors of school bus drivers bathrooms. Shocked

Hmmmmmmmmm!!! Rolling Eyes


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