When you see a strange wild creature flit across your yard?


I think it means I have found out where Bingley got giardia! I went to the back yard with him today to hang out. Bingley dropped his delectable bone treat in search of obviously more scrummy dead leaves (go figure Confused ) and I looked beyond him to the neighbor's front walk. There was a slinky looking weasel-mink type thing slant-running down her walk towards the street. This is the same neighbor's yard Bingley was in the night before he got sick. I'm thinking that this creature probably played in her kiddie-pool, infected the water supply, and when I dumped the water onto the grass Bingley was playing in he picked up giardia and brought it home. Evil or Very Mad It might be far fetched, but it's all I've got!

What do you think?

Oh - and any FL experts want to guess what kind of critter it was? It was very dark brown or black, slick looking, and had a mink-looking tail. I didn't get a good enough look to see if it was wet or not, but it looked as if it had just gotten out of a pool. It was also pretty big - I'm guessing 10 lbs. Hmmmm Let Me Think About That
Have no idea... any pics?

Definitely sounds like a possible culprit for hosting giardia...

I have no clue what it would be!!!!!

But I do know this... I'm one Canadian that is not going to retire in FL.. that slinky, wet, 10lb creature combined with the snakes have cured me of that notion.

This Canadian is going to stay in the Great White North!!
It could be a weasel or otter - if it was MN. I don't know the native fauna of Fla. It doesn't sound too far fetched. My friend Mary's dogs get it occasionally from their pond.

I agree - it sounds a bit too much. I'll just stick with the skunks, possums and racoons I guess!
Otter....they are all over the place. They get around via the drainage system and will even go in saltwater.

guest wrote:
Otter....they are all over the place. They get around via the drainage system and will even go in saltwater.

Amazing! That's what it looked like to me, but I thought, "Otter - no way, not in FL." I figured it had to be something else . . .

As to not retiring in FL, I agree with you. We moved down here for my husband's job from MT and I really miss the snowy rocky mountains . . . Rolling Eyes Can't wait until we can move further north again and Bingley can play in the snow!

Want an eyeopener? Go to this page listing Florida mammals:


I didn't scroll down thru it to find otters.
Interesting. It did list river otters as statewide.
They are not mammals. The list was of mammals.
Brown, furry alligator?
Geez - fussy over details. Very Happy
On otter or maybe a baby skunk?
LOL Laughing
If it was going two different directions, perhaps it was an otter. Because isn't that what they say?

One way or an Otter? Rolling Eyes

Even I don't think that's funny... but it should be.
Ron, please don't quit your day job


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