What does it mean when the police put out a BOLO?


I hear this on TV all the time. Laughing What does it mean? Confused
Is it be on the look out?
Be On the LookOut

Just a heads up type message for someone or something that they want.
Ah-ha!! Thanks, Mandy! Very Happy

I figured it was something logical like that - just couldn't figure out the acronym. Embarassed
I've never actually heard that... makes sense though...

Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
Is it be on the look out?

Sorry Elissa! I didn't see your post. This darn cold I've got is messing with my mind. Embarassed
That's ok Tammy Smile
I think she was dissing you, Elissa! Razz
Oh! Thanks, Mandy!! Like I need help getting into trouble!! Twisted Evil Laughing
Anything I can do to accelerate the process!!!!! Razz Twisted Evil
APB: BOLO for Maxmm, AKA PITA.
Ron, did you just call me some sort of pocket?
No, a Pain In The Alleghenies.


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