Whistling all the time..and not knowing


I work with a man who (when walking around the dealership) whistles. All the time. He doesn't seem to know he's doing this.

What gives???????
My husband was told by some higher-ranking army guys that it means you're excited to be away from home/excited to be going somewhere/or you've got big plans that you're preparing for. Mostly referring to "another woman." This is why the guys are told not to whistle when they pack up to go to the field, etc. Laughing
Wow Twisted Evil
The only time my husband whistles is when he's packing to go to the field, too. Embarassed

I always remind him what he told me, and he just laughs. Evil or Very Mad Razz
but what if you cant whistle at all.....what does that mean?? Shocked
you have to practice blowing gently more through your mouth. I can barely do it myself. I always think of Honey I shrunk the Kids when they teach one of the boys how to whistle to try to attract their dog to carry all of them inside of the house.
I can't whistle either Crying or Very sad
Ian does this all the time. He's noticed that his jaw has been bothering him so I asked him to pay attention to how much he whistles during the day - yep - instant connection!!! Laughing
This must be a "guy" thing. My friend and co-worker does this all the time too. BUT, the most annoying part is that all year long he's whistling Christmas songs. Twisted Evil Laughing
James whistles through his teeth, which may be the most annoying, nails on a chalkboard sound in the world to me. After four years of it, I finally told him how much I hated it so, of course, he does it even more now.
I used to be able to whistle really well. Then I got braces and haven't been able to whistle since (even after having them off).
I have one those Whistlers here and I would like to take a bat to his head!!!! I have told him and number of times to stop it, it hurts my ears.
I used to work with a lady that hummed or sang all the time. Most of her co-workers thought that was a little wacky. ALL the time. Not just occassionally like when she was happy. More like a compulsive or nervous habit.

I can whistle but not the kind where you use your fingers. Never was able to do that. Can't snap my fingers either. It sounds like a thump. Pretty embarrassing. Embarassed
Both of my college roommates 'clicked' all of the time. I have no idea how to describe it. It's sort of a suction thing when you drop your tongue down your teeth and it hits your bottom jaw and makes a popping top sound. DROVE ME NUTS!!! I think that might have been the point behind it. Evil or Very Mad
I started to whistle jingelbells when I read this Embarassed


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