When you buy-pay for item on ebay-seller won't answer emails


What does it mean when you buy and pay for an item on eBay after the seller didn't answer the "question to seller" emails you sent before the end of the auction?

I bought a part for a leaf blower on eBay.

The eBayer is a dealer who specializes in parts. This guy says he only ships on SATURDAYS.

This guy had two auctions for the same part going on. A regular auction, where the bid price was $20 with an ending date of SUNDAY, and a Buy-It-Now auction in his store for $30. The price for shipping was the same. Of course if the auction ends on Sunday, it would have to wait another week to be shipped on the following Saturday.

I sent him a question through eBay about the one for auction, asking him at what price he'd consider ending the auction early, and if he had some bolts that are separate from but kind of go with the item he is selling, and if he'd throw those in for a few more dollars. I got no reply; but someone who emailed him a question after I did got answered.

So I went ahead and ordered and paid for the one on his store with Buy-It-Now for $30 so that I could be "assured" of it being shipped this coming Saturday.

Am I an idiot, or what does it mean?
I think I'd send another e-mail, and just say since you never heard from him, you were worried that the first e-mail got lost. Give him the benfit of the doubt. If he doesn't get back to you again after a reasonable period of time, or esp if you don't end up getting your part, definitely leave feedback!
Oh yeah, like I'd risk my 100% (14) rating against his 99.8% (1800) rating... LOL

I think I will get the part on time and as ordered, but if I don't everyone will say: "What did you expect? You're an idiot!" so I wanted to beat them to it! Rolling Eyes
Good luck! and I don't think you're an idiot! With that high of a feedback rating, I wouldn't worry too much, it's just a bummer you don't know if you can tack on the other parts. Hoefully he'll respond to your second e-mail!
Actually, his feedback isn't quite that high:

Feedback Score: 1710
Positive Feedback: 98.7%

Members who left a positive: 1730
Members who left a negative: 23

All positive feedback received: 2331

If he doesn't get back to you again after a reasonable period of time, or esp if you don't end up getting your part, definitely leave feedback!

I would do things different. I don't think you're worried about "getting" your item right? Just if he had the extra parts/piece/whatever you wanted for a few extra bucks?

I agree that you should try emailing him one more time nicely. ...but if he doesn't answer you then accept that as "No."

I just had to send some check to this chick, and I asked her for the shipping address. Then realized where to find it. She sent back a different address than what is listed to send it to. I kindly told her I was confused, and she emailed me back just saying, "send it where I just told you to." The zip code wasn't even complete, but with a simple search on google, I just "guessed." Both were in the same city with only a few zip codes, so I don't think I'm wrong.

As far as feedback, only leave a negative feedback "any remark other than they were great" IF they have already left YOU positive feedback. Otherwise, you have a good chance of screwing up on your own score when they say something bad about you. I find a lot of people will leave whatever you leave.

I have a 100% rating, but I've had people tell me that they would have left a negative if they knew I was goiing to leave one. Shocked
A lot of sellers specifically say they will only leave feedback after you leave feedback... which kind of makes me leery of them.
I once "bought " for my husband on ebay a very expensive shirt. I did all the right things, payed for it straight away, but never got the shirt....

From that time on i am very carefull with e-bay.

Greetings, Anita (the Netherlands)
BTW, I ordered this Buy It Now item from his store on Thursday, he left ME positive feedback saying I had "great communications" on Friday night, he shipped it to me as promised on Saturday, it arrived in my home on Monday.

So I left him negative feedback for not answering my email.

OK, no I didn't, I left him great feedback. Very Happy
Cool that it worked out well ClappingPurple

Greetings Anita
Well, it really didn't work out well (the way I look at it). Laughing

Again, his problem never came off as "I may not get my item." It was the additional part/piece he wanted and lack of communication Wink It doesn't sound like you ever got an answer. You just had to figure it out yourself.

I probably would have left a positive feedback but noted the lack of communication in hopes he can take the hint for other customers. I feel when you're a seller, you have a duty to provide a customer service... etc, etc

I'm itching to have one of my sellers leave me feedback, so I can note on her feedback how TERRIBLY slow her shipping is. I'm still waiting for the package. I am 100% I will "get" the item. It just shouldn't take more than 14 days w/o a note saying you didn't send it off until whatever date.
Alot of people like to cover their stuff by saying shipping is not in their control. They will send it and if it has to cross borders it does take alot longer.

I bought something from an Ebay member from US...so US to Canada took 3 weeks...I was getting worried. Not about the person, just that it might be lost. I trusted that she sent it.

So I assumed it got hung up at customs.

Anyways, now I ask when they sent it, and some even send me an e-mail saying that they recieved payment and it is in the mail tommorrow, with a postoffice tracking #. I am currently waiting for a gameboy game, and a Leapster for the kids.


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