When you make the Officer that pulls you over laugh....


It means you don't get a ticket Wink

Billy got pulled over on the way home for speeding.
He was exhausted after working another 12 hr day and driving hundreds of miles between the office and jobs.

He got pulled over for doing 15 miles an hour over the spend limit.
The officer said "Sir, you were doing 85 mph, what's your hurry?"
(All Billy could think about was getting home so he could drink a nice cold beer. ) His response to the Officer was, "My Dad is at my house and he's drinking all my Bud Light!"

The Officer laughed and told him to go home.
LOL Laughing
OMG.. LMAO.. Razz Razz
Funny story, but 15 mph over is a bit much. Remind Billy you'd rather have him home late than not at home every again. I realize y'all are in Calif where speed limits are optional..... Wink .


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