My child has a problem reconzing numbers and letters


My 6 year old daughter has problems reconzing numbers and letters. She has been tested and has a learning disability. She was tested at the age of 3 1/2 for her speech because the Head Start teacher could not understand a word she was saying. She was tested by the state and had an IEP made up. She couldn't tell you her name till she was 3 and when she finally got into Kindergarten it took her almost a year to even write her name. She is now talking better but now she is having problems learning her letters and numbers. She is behind the other kids in her class on learning her numbers.

When she was 10 months old she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. When she was 4 yrs old she had open heart surgery. Before her surgery I was having problems potty training her. After surgery she started peeing in the potty but I'm still having problems with her having BM's in the toilet and not in her underwear. She is still having accidents but as bad as before.

I am at my witts end on how to help her reconize her letters and numbers and on the potty training. I am trying to help her on her letters and numbers and so is her teacher but I don't know what to do anymore. This is her second year in Kindergarten and I just don't know what to do anymore. I have been trying to potty train her for 5 years now.

This isn't the first time I have had a child in speech therapy. Her older sister was in speech therapy for a couple of years, she didn't need it anymore after 1st grade. She is doing really well in school right now. She is in 2nd grade. She didn't potty train till she was 4.

Can somone please give me a suggestion on what I can do to help my 6 yr old on learning her letters and numbers.
This may sound strange but when my daughter was growing up her best friend lived directly across the street. They were only four months apart in age but Julie was one grade higher than Nicole in school but she was two years behind Nicole in Reading and Math and had a large learning disibility.

Nicole always liked the color Purple everything had to be purple.

The girls were making mothers day cards with construction paper and Julie used the purple paper. She actually wrote Happy Mothers Day before Nicole did. They were also copying off something I wrote so they knew how to spell it. This was extremely suprising to me and Cindy Julie's Mom since she could identify the actual letters.

About two days later Cindy bought Julie Purple and Blue note book paper and cut out the ABC using the colored paper. For some reason Julie with work of course identified the letters and eventually numbers much easier.

Cindy spoke with Julie's eye doctor and he said he had heard something about kids with learning disibilities having a easier time with colored paper.

I don't know if this will help your daughter but seeing Julie work so hard on this and this working so well with her perhaps it will work for you too. I do remember it's only certain colors Blues, Purples, Greens no red or pink, brown blacks.

Good Luck
Some kids are very sensitive to light. Certain colors can have a glare that hurts their eyes. An Irlen screening can be done to determine if clear overlays in certain colors make it easier for kids to read. Soemtimes they will require more than one color (stack them). A friend of my daughter even has glasses with the correct color for her.

Ariel, with an IEP in place, she should be getting some Special Ed assistance. Perhaps she needs to have the plan revised and get more assistance. I know some of our kids use letter made out of sandpaper - they learn better by feeling the letter. What about computer games to learn the letters? Most kids love computer time.
And has she had an eye exam recently?
my only sugestion is to be kind and go slow ... repetition is always a great tool ...

helped me ...
i may not have problems like your daughter but i am dislexic and with the help of some VERY patiant family members and some great teachers i did pretty darn good in school ...

so althought it may not FULLY apply ...

Time patience and practice Smile
my brother is dislecsic (sp?) (i hae a touch to can you tell Smile

he has purple tinted glasses and it helped him alot he didn't get his until he was 20 said he wished he had found out about them before

he had to have a colourometry test at the optitians

hope tjhat help

zoe and einy


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