Pizza cheese bubbles are missing!


Tony and I were talking last night, about how food has changed over the years.

I remember, when I was younger (much younger!) and you would get a pizza, they would always have these wonderful (semi) burnt cheese bubbles on them. You NEVER see them anymore.

We came up with a couple reasons why, but I really would like to know what it means that you don't get cheese bubbles anymore.

Reason we come up with:
1. Ovens are hotter now.
2. They are using more tomato sauce and less cheese.
3. They are using cheese with a lower fat content.

What do you think? And do you too, miss the cheese bubble?
You know I had never thought about it before your post. Now you've gone and done's going to be stuck on my mind all day..hee hee.

Good question! Where did those cheese bubbles go?

Marianne and the boys
I always saw a bubble when there WASN'T enough cheese/toppings on the pizza! I liked it when I saw no bubble! Maybe we're talking about different bubbles!
From working for 10 years in the pizza business, I can tell you exactly why. They aren't really cheese bubbles, but dough bubbles with some cheese stuck to them. Now, as pizzas are baking, pizza makers use giant forks to pop the bubbles as they form. This keeps the pizza flat and the cheese and toppings evenly spread instead of giant empty areas. Apparently years of people complaining that entire slices had nothing on them when the bubble made it slide off prompted pizza cooks to start busting them.

On a separate, but also important note, the number of bubbles that you get in rising dough depends on how much the dough has already risen. Dough that has sat awhile (and given time to rise) will have a lot fewer bubbles than dough that was rushed through the process for use right away.

I'll spare you the dough making process explanation!
WOW! Are you ever pizza savy!

I do remember (now) that it was the crust! I LOVED THOSE BUBBLES!!! And miss them Crying or Very sad

Thanks for the explaination!
If you really like them, and you go in to order, just ask them not to pop the bubbles. We had a few people that came in regularly and asked us not to pop them for the same reason as you. The hardest part, as the pizza maker, was stopping yourself from popping them. It becomes a habit!
Whoda thunk it! Laughing
Now I have a craving for pizza. Mad
My pizza place is just gonna love me...

"ok, a large sausage, extra cheese, well done, and please don't pop the crust bubbles"


(Looks like I'll be looking for a new pizza place!)
Well, its not as bad as us though, Deb...Brian has to have his pizza WELL done...and basically I mean burnt...I am no longer the one to pick up the pizza (which is fine by me) because its never done enough....I have learned to tell them literally to burn the cheese...I now have to eat the pizza with ranch dressing, its so dry......Brian says i like "kids" pizza...all gooey and saucey.....yum

and Ill take mine with sausage, onions and mushrooms!
You wouldn't believe the requests that we used to get-- burnt to a crisp, barely cooked at all, put the cheese on after it comes out of the oven-- my favorite was when people would come up with fractions of what they wanted on each piece: "I'd like 3/8 of it with sausage but the whole thing with pepperoni, but only put mushrooms on a third and then 1/4 gets sausage." They had no concept of cheese melting and moving things around and would actually whine when we tried our best to accommodate them and, even after we told them it wouldn't work, they complained we didn't do it right. People would put flies or other bugs in it trying to get free ones-- forgetting that at 550 degrees, flies don't exactly keep their integrity!

It took about 5 years before I could even eat pizza at all after all the years of working there-- then my sister bought her own pizza place. Luckily, she lives far enough away that I never spoiled myself on it again. I'm still really picky about pizza now. There's only certain kinds that I really like. I'll eat chain pizza in a pinch but I'd much rather make my own or have a big, thick homestyle deep dish.

Add in all the burn scars and it was a great job. Wink You can't beat the money being a girl delivery person though. The money was great. With the exception of benefits, with all the tax free tips ( I didn't have to claim since I was listed as an inside worker) I made darn close to what I make now!

ButtersStotch wrote:
People would put flies or other bugs in it trying to get free ones-- forgetting that at 550 degrees, flies don't exactly keep their integrity!

Um, should we be reading more into that than we should? (the part about you knowing what cooked flies look like?)
There were teenage boys that helped out on busy nights. Torturing bugs was a favorite pastime, gross as it was. We learned how many substances reacted in the ovens, thanks to them. Boys are gross.


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