When Guarding the Office


Annie is back to guarding our office from Fozzie only when Daddy is the room. Annie growls and snaps at Foz when he tries to come in or move about. She doesn't do this if it's just me in the office.

The room has been a bit of a disaster with the set up of a new desk and office supplies all over the place. It's possible she's trying to keep Foz from picking things up, but I really think it's Steve she is guarding.

What I'm wondering is does this mean (1) Annie doesn't want to share Daddy or (2) Annie doesn't think Daddy can protect himself.
Does she guard him from Foz while he's on the couch or anywhere else or is it just the office?
This is so interesting to me, as I've never really had 2 dogs at once, so I don't know how they interact...
From what I've read it depends on her normal personality... I wish I could find an article I read a little while ago on that...
Annie rebukes Foz for many things he does...just existing Crying or Very sad Guarding the office when Steve is in it seems to be very consistent. A few months back, Steve was tired of it and actually turned Annie onto her back into a submissive position. This eased the guarding for a few months, but now she's back to it.
Lucky is that way with me when I am in the bed. He will get right on the side of me and if either London or Sam come near he will growl and snap at them. I honestly think it is him being the alpha dog and claiming his time and attention from me. He gets first dibs. Once we have cuddled for 10 or 15 minutes he will get down and then it is the other two dogs turn with mom.

Sounds like Annie is the alpha dog and is claiming Steve's attention. If Steve spends 15 or 20 minutes petting Annie will she walk off and let Foz in with Steve?
Has yoru husband said "NO" to Foz before about coming into the room and bothering him? I notice Yuki herding/nipping the neck of the dog we're watching anytime he tries to go downstairs. I told him NO one time, so now Yuki feels the need to remind him.


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