I had a really crazy dream last night.

I dreamed I was on an airplane (although it wasn't like a real airplane) and there was a man on there who had his sheepies with him. They were in an area that looked like farm pens. They were beautiful, and you could tell he really loved them. There were about 6 of them.

Then...I was in a park, and there were a lot of people there with sheepdogs, and everyone was really happy and having a great time!

Well? What does it mean?
Silly Very Happy It means you LOVE LOVE LOVE sheepdogs and want more of them Very Happy
Westminster is coming........could you be thinking about that?
Hmmmm.....maybe. I will be flying to NY the day after Westminster. That may account for the plane part. (And...I'm a rotten flyer!)
lol....you must love sheepies....its better than the dream i had the other night.....

i drempt that i was in jill's mini, she was driving. We were driving down this road where there was ocean?? on the passanger side and the waves kept crashing high over the car....I asked her if she had ever driven this road before and she had a look of panic...and said no...but we kept driving....the car was swept away, but thankfully it floated....

what the heck DOES that mean??
Did you have to pee at the time? Twisted Evil
no....and it was a scary dream...i like yours better...wanna trade?

Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately?

Dr. Deborah

debcram wrote:

Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately?

Dr. Deborah

hahahaha....slightly......um, lets see...kitchen remodel...colleens seizures...brians dads cancer...termites...brians mood swings.....where shall we start Dr. Deb??? Shocked
ahhhhhhhhhh. I believe you have answered you're own question. Wouldn't you have prefered to have to pee?
Getting up in the middle of the night to go potty sounds like a wonderful idea at the moment...too bad I didnt think of it then.

Dr. Deb, I must say you are quick with your diagnosis....I will be recommending you to all of my neurotic friends.....you should see an increase in your business by twofold.... Very Happy
It means don't go for a drive with Jill? LOL Laughing

Seriously, Deb, I think you need more sheepdogs, and want to go to Westminster... lol Laughing

Darcy, you have a lot going on and need a vacation! Shocked
Have a great time at westminster Deb... and Darce, sounds you need a little spa time girly! Get thee to a masseuss!

Anyone know what it means when you dream that you've taken a role in a play away from an ex-coworker, and she attempts to kill you with a poisonous snake bite to the leg? I dream that last night. Shocked
OH MY!!!! How do you get along in real life? Are you both up for a promotion?

Dr. Deborah
Thats the funny thing... that particular person hasn't worked for my company for about 3 years, and she was in a different dept from me, although certainly none of us liked her that much! I haven't seen her since she quit either!
With my schedule this month and next by the time i hit the bed i pass out. Dreaming would take to much energy. i donzt need a vacation just need to win the lottery

msg sent via my blackberry
Ok...I got! You feel that there were some unresolved issued between you and this ex-coworker...and that she maybe unhappy with you for some reason. (Am I close?)

(Hi! Wynette!!!!)
Oooohhh... the psychic vibes explanation! That's a good one. Could be connected to the fact that I'm training for a new position at work, maybe...
....and deep down you think she would have loved that new position!!!!

We need a new catagory...

Interpret your dreams with Dr. Deborah Very Happy
Hmm.. I like that idea, dream interpretation section!

That gal was in a different area then where I am, but she sure THOUGHT she knew everybody's job Rolling Eyes She probably symbolizes something...

Iriskmj wrote:
Hmm.. I like that idea, dream interpretation section!

That gal was in a different area then where I am, but she sure THOUGHT she knew everybody's job Rolling Eyes She probably symbolizes something...

Or you are going to run into her or someone who you associate with her.
About two weeks ago, my husband told me he had the oddest dream, he drempt about my parents. who have both passed away, and he said the dream was more about Dad, my brother-in-law and himself. He said it was about Dad's boat. When Dad was alive the three of them used to go fishing often together. he said it was a nice dream. (I was a little concerned because my brother in law was scheduled for vericous vein surgery, which is supposed to be minor surgery and with Dad showing up) e mailed my sis about the dream and she e mailed me and said she had a dream about Dad also. She said it was odd, but was not going to think about it. (now I am really becoming alarmed, but keep it to myself other then mention to my husband) Last week was his surgery and my sis e mailed me that evening, they had just gotten home. My brother in law went into cardiac arrest during the surgery. He is doing better now and has an appointment with a heart specialist.
I often dream of my parents and my sister...all of whom have passed. I don't see it as a warning, but I see as "their" opportunity to visit with me, in a form I will understand.

My sister has a son who lives not to far from here. He and his wife had been married for about 7 years, and weren't able to get pregnant.

One night I drempt my sister was sitting on my bed, I looked at her and said, "Oh my G-d...I've missed you so much!!" And she looked at me and said (with the best Bronx accent) "So? What makes you think I don't miss you?" I swear I wasn't asleep. I swear she was there, smiling at me. But when I looked harder, she was gone.

The next day, my nephew Steven called me to tell me, he and Christina were finally pregnant.

I believe my sister came to see me, to let me know.

My point? Your dad isn't prediciting anything...he is there visiting. Reminding you of the fun times they had fishing...and not to let go of that joy And...as I said, to visit with you. He also was letting you know, he is aware of the "earthly" things that go on. Just as my sister was.

I will keep good thought for your B-I-L to have a quick and complete recovery!
Cool Thank you very much deb for your good thoughts for my bil. I am confident he will make a total recovery. He is in his mid 50's but has always lived a healthy life style. The upside is my sis is a nurse so he is in the best of situations.
Regarding the dream about my Dad: I have had many different dreams about both my parents and good dreams but for some reason when i saw the symbolism in the dream, my instincts told me something was going to go wrong.
A little back story: two years ago, my sis' son was 20 and was going in to have gallbladder surgery. As soon as I heard about the surgery I had a bad feeling about it. My son was married on Saturday and on Tuesday my nephew had his surgery. He ended up going into septic shock and was in the hospital for 3 months. It was touch and go daily for those three months. That was in Aug '05 and he still has not made a total recovery. He had to drop half his college classes and can only work a few days a week.
Anyway, dream interpetation can be fun! Very Happy
Dr. Deb,

Am I weird since I don't dream?
You DO dream. The difference is you just dont REMEMBER. If you WANT to start remembering, the trick is to talk to someone, or write stuff down, the SECOND that you wake up!
By the way, I love the idea of a "dreams" catagory!
The best trick is to get someone to wake you up while you are having REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. They should wake you and immediately ask you "what were you just thinking about?"
If someone wakes me up during REM, I have a terrible, crushing headache. I'd like to think my brain is in hyper-drive for the wonderful dreams lately.
I won't even go into my dreams, they're too weird... LOL Laughing Shocked
But those are the best type!
I had a dream that I went to visit Jo in Alaska, I was explaining to whoever came with me all about her and the baby and Mr. J. Then we somehow broke the window in her living room and it crushed the car we came in. I thought it was weird to randomly be dreaming about forum members.
I finally had a dream! Ever since Darcy (I think?) posted she dreamt in color, and most dream in B&W, I've been waiting for a dream. I had no idea if I had color or not. I have been mentally reminding myself to check it out "in my dream". Laughing Laughing

So, I dreamt and it was B&W!! It wasn't a memorable dream, and actually, in my excitement about the B&W vs color being solved, I have forgotten what it was about. Figures!
Isn't that funny? I always dream in color, I've never had a black and white dream... hmmm....
if i drempt in black and white, id think i was in an old A&E movie....id wake up for sure....

Darcy wrote:
if i drempt in black and white, id think i was in an old A&E movie....id wake up for sure....

If anyone is interested in a really cool book on this topic, check out "The Mind at Night" by Andrea Rock The sub-title is "The New Science of How and Why We Dream" ...Also the (Very surreal) movie, "Waking Life"...
Debcram: I was enthralled with your description of loved ones visiting in dreams...you are the only person outside my family-of-origin that I've ever heard talk about this! I grew up with a very strong tradition of deceased family members offering help and advise, or just checking-in that way!


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