Sweaty Feet


What does it mean when your sheepie's feet are sweaty all the time? Hope you didn't think I was asking about human feet Very Happy
it means you get the delicious odor of frito feet

no really, other than the tongue, feet are the only place that a dog can sweat from......if theyre hot, theyre going to pant and have frito feet...no way around it.....
Thanks darcy! I happen to love the frito feet! I was reading that it could mean he was stressed and I couldn't figure out why...
The pads of the feet are where the dogs sweat glands are, the only place they sweat from. That and panting.

Not sure where you live but is it possible that he is too hot?
Tasker's Mom, I see you live upstate NY...anywhere is warm next to you with all that, what? 100 inches of snow Shocked

I live in NY also...downstate on Long ISland. I keep the house pretty cool...rarely goes above 68 or 69... Best temps to keep for killing germs..I know he likes the cold. When we first brought him home, I made his crate realy cuddly and warm with cushy blankets, etc...he got in the crate and pushed them all aside and slept on the cold tray! Go figure!
Yup, 100 inches!! Luckily I live on the very lower edge of the snow band so I don't have that much. But since it's all pretty close it effects EVERYTHING.
That's a lot of snow!
We just have a bout 18 inches left, but it's so cold you can't stand to be out much.
I always think I am too hot at most indoor dog shows just because of the adrenaline, but if your dog leaves sweaty footprints on the black mats you know it's not just you. Laughing
Okay, now I see I jinxed myself.. they are calling for maybe a foot of snow tuesday night into wednesday..hope that doesn't mean more for you Taker's Mom!

Yes, willowsprite, I am always hot too...thought it was my age Shocked But Bowie is only 12 weeks. I can now blame my hot flashes on him Wink


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