My puppy cries when he plays biting with the other two dogs


It is very weird to me. My almost 6 mos old Clayden plays pretty rough with my two other dogs. Most of the time, it was a "two against one" thing. He and the 9 mos old Golden Retriever St Bernard mix girl would gang up against the 1 year old German Shepherd Husky mix girl. Be it just nipping and pouncing or tug of war with toys... Now my GSH is much bigger and stronger. She can really hurt Clayden if she wants to but she is a gentle girl with all those little ones. She particularly likes to give my kitties a good loving ear wash. Anyway, when the dogs play I constantly see how Clayden would not let go of the GSH's neck or lips but while he is doing it, he always let out some puppy cries as well. (the eeee eeee eeee high pitch puppy cry) Sounds like he is being hurt whereas he IS the one "hurting" the others. Shocked

I had thought that there might be something wrong with his teeth or gum, that's why it hurts when he grasps something with his mouth. I took him to my vet of 5 years and my vet said his teeth are nice and perfect.

So what is that all about?? Puppy version of crying the crocodile tear? LOL

A classic faker Laughing

bestdogsx4 wrote:
A classic faker Laughing

Lol. Totally!
Jack does this when he's picking on old man Fox. I haven't figured it out either, but glad he does it so I can tell him to Knock It Off Laughing
Thanks for the chuckle Very Happy
Normal sheepie behavior.
Clayden is a born again actor, seriously he should be on the stage in some dramatic drama. Laughing Laughing Laughing

Either that or he is being a real pest with the others and just faking it before they decide to take revenge. Twisted Evil Smart Kid. Wink Laughing
Wow -

that's amazing! So many of you can relate to this. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open . . .

Another thought: Maybe he's trying to convince her to let him keep tugging on her by psychologically tricking her into thinking she's being the boss instead of him . . . Twisted Evil Wink (wow - read that five times fast!)
Okay...confession time...

When I was a little girl, I was not one of those cute sweet little ones. I have an older sister and we fought a lot when we were little. My sister was instead the nicer one. When we fought, say for a toy, we tugged and said things to each others... I would hit her and grabbed the toy and just when she started to cry, I cried first and LOUDER. I thought this could get me out of the never worked, mom knew but it didn't stop me from trying Embarassed


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