Dogs with 3 rear dew claws?


Hi Everyone,
I am hoping that someone out there may have heard of this before. I have a young rottweiler (just over 1 year). When I first bought him, I noticed that he had 2 dew claws on each rear leg. We have never removed them as they do not seem to fuss him. Recently, I have noticed that he has a third dew claw growing through the skin (where the other highest dew claw is positioned). I have never heard of this before (I thought that 2 was rear), and am hoping that some one out there in the big old world might be able to shed some light. Do I own a freak dog?
Hi Michele,
Never having owned a Rottie, I can't say if its unusual or not. But if it doesn't bother him and isn't doing any harm, I wouldn't worry. Except to be sure he doesn't catch it on anything...

Don't think of him as a "freaky" dog...think of him as having a special "character" Very Happy Very Happy Who wants boring old normal anyway!
Lol. Possibly! There are only a few breeds with double dew claws, I know Great Pyrs are one but I can't remember any other off hand. I'd check with your vet next time you're in to see if he or she has a concern about it.

This is from Wikipedia:
There is also some debate as to whether dewclaws should be surgically removed. The argument for removal states that dewclaws are a weak digit, barely attached to the leg, so that they can rip partway off or easily catch on something and break, which can be painful and prone to infection.


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