Why is my cat so dang sensitive?


Good grief..

I decided to shave the foster cat, Koko. I never shave w/o following it w/a bath or else there's hair all over the house.

My older cat is freaking out now. Rolling Eyes I think she thinks it's a new/different cat. You can't go near her w/o her beating you up or screaming her head off.

This happened when my maltese had to go to the vet for a teeth cleaning. That made sense though because I'm assuming she had a lot of other smells on her. Freaked my cat out. Once my maltese got a bath, she was back to normal and loving on her.

I washed Koko with the same shampoo I've been using on my maltese for years. Not a new smell. Poor thing is in a corner afraid to walk anywhere because of my older cat (we call her the devil, psycho cat, the queen)

A little off topic, considering this was her first shave, first time hearing the clippers, etc... she didn't budge. She laid on her back, let me do her tummy, and then laid on her side for me to shave there. hearts Bad news is... a little more than half way through, I dropped my Andis clippers on the floor and broke them. I have the Oster A5, but my Andis works best for finishing touches. So, she looks funny sine she's not fully shaved. Guess I'll have to purchase another pair.

Well just keep thinking it coulda been worse by reading this news clip.


Hugs to you!

Marianne and the boys
That's terrible, M. Kinda funny too in a sick way because knowing how my cat is now ...I can see that happening. Laughing

She came out of her corner. Only warm place the other animals won't bug her. Think she feels kind of protected too. She can see the other cat from where she is.. (i don't shave heads, but you can tell her body is shaved under the sweater)
AWWWW....what a sweet picture! She looks adorable in her little pink sweater, sitting in the baby-chair...poor baby, I hope your other cat comes to terms with her new look, soon! Puppydog Eyes
Cats are one of those critters that needs consistancy in their enviroment. The smallest things out of place ( that they didnt put out of place themselves) merits attention. A shaved cat to another cat is a different cat.. not the normal cat he is used to..

Cats+change=OMG duck n cover

cats are just like things nice n simple and dont like to have to think much.. dogs life.. nah.. i will take a cats life anyday.. =P
I agree, any time anything changes for a cat, they will freak out. I have a cat statue that works as a doorstop, and if I move that cat an inch, my younger cat will try to attack it. I can only image what she would do if she saw my older cat shaved. Shocked

The best thing to do is just not make a big deal out of it, eventually all cats will either adjust to the change or just ignore it. Smile

Cats and additudes....Um...Where do I start....I hear you on what you are saying and I can totally relate. I've had two females since they were kittens and they are both Up there in Age. Kaluha & Miela, both fixed and the smaller younger miela (to this day) goes after the regal and spoiled Kaluha...
I can relate to you on many levels with odd and Unpredictable kitty behaviors and issues... Now that Matisse is here and the cat's had to get shaved...the house reaks of "tude!"

I thought I was the only person that had my cat's shaved like lions... Laughing
I love that look..... Your kitty is adorable.

What a sweet picture! hearts


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