When you miss them, then they drive you insane?


Well after having jarod away since before christmas, he arrived home the day before my birthday which was a complete surprise and such a thrill to see him after not having him around for 4 months.

He has been home for just over 3 weeks and driven me nuts towards the end of his time home.

Well he got a call up and this morning I dropped him at the airport at 6.30am to fly to brisbane for a stint on a ship for 4 months, I burst into tears, what is wrong with me, here I was being driven nuts by him being home all day and going out at night and coming home to sleep at all hours of the early morning, we had words in the last fortnight, then when he gets the call up I thought YAY, then the tears hit this morning when he left.

Am I normal. Shocked I want him home, then I want him gone, then I miss him and want him home again Rolling Eyes . Sheesh hard being a mom. Sad
Lisa, sounds totally normal to me (the mother of 2 adult sons). Laughing

Group hug
I think you're normal, but you should definitely "consider the source."

Did you teach him to groom? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy If so, I'll bet he is the cleanest aboard!
I was waiting for this topic to come up.... Laughing Laughing

At the end of last summer we were discussing how hard it was going to be to see the kids off on thier own....going to University/College or whatever....Now they are coming back......and it is another adjustment to make.... Laughing Laughing

My son is coming home on Thursday, from being at school 1000 miles away.......He has already asked me if we were going to object to him having girls sleep over in his room..... Shocked

Funny how we get all used to them not being here, and then when they come back it is almost like they are intruding!...

But I made him promise to go to the movies with me the day after he comes home. I took the day off work so we could spend it together. After that he will be in and out as he pleases, like your son....And we MIGHT get to see him for Sunday dinner the odd time...

Yeah, I love to spend time with him, but other times he really gets on my nerves....Normal, I guess...We'll see how long it takes for the novelty of having him home wears off... Razz
Good luck Nicole, let's know when the insanity starts happening. Cool Laughing

Geez no pleasing us moms, how long is the visit home?

Ron my son is the opposite, he needs to be told get in the shower you pong. Have a shave, clean your teeth etc. Twisted Evil He is a typical teenage boy, rather fall into bed then do all that. Twisted Evil

Who knows what he is like on board ship, all I know is he did come home with a suitcase of clean not dirty clothes, thank goodness. Cool Maybe he is learning something on board ship, how to do laundry, well it is a start Rolling Eyes
Pity he did not continue that trend when he was home. Exclamation
My mom is the EXACT same way. I get there and everyone is in a great mood. She goes out of her way to give and make EVERYTHING for me. We fight, fight, tear at each other...

Time to leave. I'm still pissed. She's crying and trying to hand me money I don't need.

I'll get mine when lil J is grown up and doing the same thing to me. Cool
You are ABSOLUTELY normal!!! As the mother of two 20 "somethings" I can vouch for that. I couldn't wait for my daughter to arrive at Christmas time, ad\nd could wait for her to go back to college after a few days Rolling Eyes I love her with all my heart but sometimes I think the "young adult" age is harder than the teener years, at least when they are teens somewhere in the recess of their brain (even if they don't admit it) they know they are supposed to love honor and respect you. Around 20 they become so consumed with "adulthood" that THAT all goes out the window.

I will say my son, at almost 28, has started to come back around. SO there is hope!!!
and it stays the same through time Very Happy oh so happy to see the 30/40 year olds arrive and oh so happy to say .. have a save trip home Laughing

when my kids where married and g/kids were arriving I would tell them .. when you come to visit don't bother getting out of the car I'll come out and say hi Very Happy (I changed my tune tho )

jean wrote:
when my kids where married and g/kids were arriving I would tell them .. when you come to visit don't bother getting out of the car I'll come out and say hi Very Happy (I changed my tune tho )

It is the same feeling with kids. I can hardly wait for my parents to come to town. Then I am ready to drive them home.
Jean said

and it stays the same through time Very Happy oh so happy to see the 30/40 year olds arrive and oh so happy to say .. have a save trip home Laughing

My mother-in-law (82) looks forward for weeks when my sister-in-law (56) is coming to visit. The first day goes great. Then they are in some kind of argument. By the end of the week she is ready to scream and in tears when she leaves.
Absolutely perfectly normal!! I agree that these years can be more trying then teen years. They go off to school, have complete freedom to come and go as they please, then they have to go home for 10 weeks and have rules again - I don't THINK so! There's an adjustment for both the kids AND the parents! Rolling Eyes
I love this post! I'm on the other end-I'm the college kid coming home. Well I should say college grad...with a lot of thoughts on what to do with her life..but nothing is going her way...my poor mommy.

Whenever I was away at school I would sometimes(Ihope my mom doesn't see this) would just wish to be at old familiar home. The house I grew up in, my mom, siblings, old neighborhood. I would then no sooner return home for break or something then we would get inot some colassal fight. Make up. Fight...

But since I have semi-permantley moved back in. Since May that is. Things have been going good. I don't have a strict mother. She has always been very trusting adn so cool woith me! I will give her that.So she doesn't mind if I keep late hours at the bar. But the only thing she has been strict with me is-boys! I can't have very much time with them. Which sucks. But I wouldn't want to know much about my future kids love life either. Well you know what I mean. I'm of course allowed to have guys over-never to spend the night lol! But I understadn that! Its just hard to re-adjust-even if nothing major-to "home" life after my 5 year college escapade!

And 24-SOO CONFUSING!!! This age-to me-is the most confused I've ever been in my life. I know I haven't lived that much of my life but I don't know what to do with this life of mine! And all thru college I had a boyfriend. Not in high school but just college. for 4 years of it. 2 different bfs. And as I posted in some other posts I have a new bf now. But we are not offically together lol. Just easier to call him my bf then "guy I'm kinda dating-talk to ont he phone-see every couple days" guy lol! And when I had a bf my life just meshed with theirs. I'm now realizing I didn't make any decisons in our relationship-maybe? But we were in college-so we knew where we'd be living for that year and so forth. Our biggest decisions were liquor or beer for the night lol...those were the days.

I think I like structure. I loved elem. schhool days-LLOOOVVEEDD High school- and llloooovvveedd college life! Now I have no1 telling me where to go and I am soo lost. I hate this...Sorry for the tangent!


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