When so many things go wrong for your wedding?


I thought I would post this, to get Jill prepared for the worst---Hopefully nothing will happen, but we never know.
Each and every one of these things happened during preperation for, during, and immediately after our wedding:

[list]-We were getting married in a brand new church. One week before the big day we were contacted because the designers hadn't noticed that a dot on the building plans was a fire hydrant that had not been accounted for. The town would not approve the building use.

-My dog got into the box of little individuallly wrapped pieces of wedding cake we were giving to the guests. Most of them got devoured, and the dog had the runs everywhere.

-The day of the wedding, when the groom and ushers's put on thier suits, it was discovered that they had not yet been dry-cleaned after the previous rental....and the groom, got the wrong suit.

- Unknowingly, the local hair salon that I had booked for us girls only did ethnic hair styles, and none of us are.

-I had a shot of "spirits" right before the ceremony, and when my party left the house I forgot my bouquet. We had to race back, and didn't have house keys so my brother had to break into a basement window to get in. We were 20 minutes late.

-The lilies that the bridesmaid were carrying did not open in time, so they looked like wilting stalks instead of beautiful flowers.

-It was unusually cold and the flowergirls are both crying in all the outside pictures.

-At the reception hall the best man had an allergic reaction to something he ate so was rushed to the hospital. He remained there for most of the night, with the groom's mother.

-When it was time for the cutting of the cake, the top part was actually a plastic replica, just for pictures. Nobody told me that and while trying to cut through it the whole thing fell to the floor.

-The bride (that being me) was cut off of the open bar by the groom Shocked

-My brand new car was vandalized when it was left parked at the hall overnite.

-The next day on the way to our honeymoon the airline lost my luggage. I never did get it back.

-Years later we read in the local paper that the priest who married us was suspended under suspicion of....you guessed it.... Shocked [/list]

But I am sure that others have had similiar stories... Laughing

Bosley's mom wrote:

But I am sure that others have had similiar stories... Laughing

Nope....my wedding proceeded without a single problem...unless you count that it HAILED in may Smile
well, the only thing that went wrong at ours was...a destination wedding....which I booked the minister over the phone...what could be soo bad right?

Well, lemme tell ya, he looked like Lurch with these big bright yellow teeth and coke bottle glasses and when he spoke he drew ev er y w ooor d oout like ittt waaasss hisss lasssssssst.......

do a personal interview before the wedding takes place!!
Our wedding went off without a hitch. Our honeymoon involved a drive down to New Orleans where we had a room booked in a motel in the french quarter. I drove from St. L. to Memphis (brand new maverick). At about 11pm the other side of Memphis I pulled to the shoulder and let Kathy take the wheel. As I proceeded to doze off I heard the sound of gravel and about that time she tried to swerve back on the highway and the car began to rock as she lost control of it; half asleep I grabed the wheel and prevented a near catastrophe. She wouldn't drive the rest of the trip.
My first wedding in 1988 was the big white Catholic wedding, and we did have a few of "those moments". One of the groomsmen just never showed up, the groom had to send a search party to Steve's house to wake him up and drag him to the church. He showed up at the same time as the bride. On my video, you can see me waving him into the church because he was trying to be a gentleman and let me go through the door first LOL! That's when I noticed that all of the groomsmen had on cumberbunds that didn't match - several shades of the same color, but definitely not what they were supposed to have. On the way to the reception, my 8 year old godson who was part of the wedding party rode in the limo with us and the MOH and BM. He decided to show my husband his latest trick, took his soda can, and smashed it against his forehead. It wasn't empty, and soda went flying everywhere Twisted Evil . We had the foresight to only give him 7 Up so fortunately we were sticky but not stained. At the reception, our favors were little bottles of liquor that had been wrapped and decorated. At some point, my father noticed that my 16 year old cousin Diane had been drinking, and he told the bartenders not to serve her anymore. She snuck around stealing the table favors and drinking the liquor straight out of the bottle, and eventually passed out on the couch in the ladies room Twisted Evil . And here's the best part - we were all hockey fans and our team, the NJ Devils, had made it to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time. In order to stop all of the guests from congregating in the bar all night, my mother ordered the bar to shut off its TV Evil or Very Mad Since I was the bride and it was my day after all, I arranged for the kitchen staff to relay the score to the band in the reception hall so that we could all know what was going on. All in all, it was a great party!
On the night before my wedding, I started to feel nauseous, but just assumed it was "nerves". By morning, I was throwing up, still figured, jitters Confused Then came the call from my Fiance's family, that THEY had all been throwing up Shocked Long story short...FOOD POISONING...from the rehearsal dinner! Shocked
Yup...the ENTIRE wedding party, the priest, the photographer, you name it...all puking. Evil or Very Mad
The good news is...that was 18 years ago, and a catastrophic wedding's only effect on an AWESOME marriage, was to give us a funny story to tell Wink
Great stories! We had a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding, and everything went off without a hitch. Before leaving on our honeymoon, I left my wedding dress in our apartment for my mom to take to the cleaners while we were gone. When we got back, I asked my mom where she had dropped it off so I could pick it up.

She turned as white as my dress, before saying that not only did she not take it in to the cleaners, but that she hadn't seen it in awhile. Shocked My mom then proceeded to tell me that she had put it in a drawstring garbage bag and brought it home, and then totally forgot about it. We looked at each other, and then at my teenaged younger brother, whose job it was to take out the garbage. Yup. It was in the apartment's dumpster! Luckily I am not sentimental about material things. Very Happy
We wanted a little intimate wedding with about 20 guests, we ended up with this huge thing with 260 guests, due to my ex-fatherinlaw.

My hubby and I did not know most of the people there. Shocked

My hubby to be had a BBQ with mates mid morning before our late afternoon wedding, well he stunk of garlic and nearly knocked me out with the breath during the ceremony. I could not stop laughing everytime he turned to me to say something during the ceremony. Everyone asked after what the HECK is going on, nice to say to people, new hubbys breath stinks. Laughing Laughing Pass the tick taks to him someone PALEEASE!!!

He was nearly knocked unconcious saying goodbye to all after the reception, mates picked him up and put him on their shoulders and his head hit the big hanging chandalier. Sore head and not from alcolhol for the honey moon night. Rolling Eyes Laughing

Forgot my bra to go under the going away outfit, so mom is the same size and she slipped hers off and I put it on, mass panick there, thank goodness for moms, to say goodbye to all. Embarassed

If I had my time over with all the fights between one side of the family and the other, we would of just taken off and eloped and told everyone later we were married. Razz

GOOD LUCK JILL, hope all goes off without a hitch on the big day, VIVA LAS VEGAS.
ROTFLMAO! These stories are too funny! Jill. maybe you should video the whole wedding to remember all the "special" moments that happen Evil or Very Mad
At the bachelor party, the night before my wedding, my husband drank Flaming Orgies and was thrown into the swimming pool. He was so sick on our wedding day, that my family doctor had his nurse (my mom) give him a huge dose of B12 in hopes he could make it through the ceremony.

My brother walked me down the aisle (to avoid chosing my stepfather over my father) and ended up supporting my husband for several minutes.

It was a 7PM wedding in August - in a garden. What was I thinking? I'm sweating up a storm, makeup running and my deathly ill groom looked great.

when they turned off the gorgeous fountain behind the minister, it also turned off the organ. Oooooops!

The ring bearer thought he was supposed to be a bear and growled all the way down the aisle. The flower girl picked her nose - we have pictures which embarrass her to this day.

The grooms grandmother was miffed that I didn't give her a special invitation to the wedding - fortunately we rarely had to see her over the years.

My wonderful groom spent our wedding night crawling to the bathroom and throwing up.

A week after our wedding, the bestman was married in Baton Rouge. It was an August afternoon wedding that equaled the temperature at our wedding. The groom's brother keeled over midway thorugh the ceremony - half of the guests stood up to see if he was okay (hungover).

We will be celebrating our 31st this summer.
This would've been a better post in a couple of weeks-- like after the wedding. I don't want to think about everything going wrong!
Jill, the idea is that no matter what happens, the important thing is you are marrying the man you love. And no matter what goes "wrong" at the ceremony, the marriage is the important thing.
With all of the things that went "wrong" for my wedding, the only one that was bad was my hungover groom. I felt really bad for him. Heavens, when there was a question about him even making it to the ceremony, my mom said said we may just have a party with lots of cake. Laughing But I've gotten 30 years of being able to tease him about it.

I've noticed with my nephews and niece's wedding that there is so emphasis on the wedding that there is a bit of a let down afterwards. Like something important has finished rather than the start of a life together.

If something happens, it's out of your control anyway. So try to laugh about at the time - you most certainly will later. Even if its years later.
Oh! Our wedding was a DISASTER!

Well, I mean for me it was OK. But I got the better end of the deal.

Poor Joan.
Oh Wedding memories........

At my brother's wedding my other brother was the best man and had to leave during the service because he was faint. My sister, who was a bridesmaid, attempted to leave the pew and head out for air and took a few steps and fainted in the aisle....Everything else went fine from there on out. Great reception ect. (both where so nervous had not eaten breakfast) My brother/wife will celebrate 37yrs this October.

When my husband and I married 23 yrs ago this 1st June, I laughed all the way through our vows. I couldn't stop laughing, and haven't stopped laughing yet. Smile

Jill, Good Luck! You are going to make a beautiful bride. Just keep smiling! Enjoy every minute.
Jill, my wedding went off without a hitch. OK, one of the ushers was very late, but my brothers stepped in for fill in. Only problem was I did come down with an awful cold on our honeymoon! Nothing like having your new husband rub Vick's Vapor Rub on your chest ! .......and that's all that happened, he didn't want to catch the cold too, LOL!

Oscar's Mom, I did not put my husband thru a Greek Orthodox wedding! He's been to one Orthdox service, just happened to be a wedding, and to this day still talks about the length and standing, LOL.
Ours went mostly well.
We did get married outside, with no bad weather backup plan. Luckily it was a sunny warm evening in August!

The toilets overflowed in the reception hall, but was quickly fixed.

We did smile and laugh throughout the ceremony, and Todd's grandma thought it was so horrible. She thought it was not proper wedding behavior for a bride and groom. I figure, you are supposed to be enjoying yourself, so why not?? Very Happy
I can only really remember one bad thing to happen at ours. (Although if you look at the pictures, all of the groomsmen are pink because they were drinking like fish at the ceremony site! Rolling Eyes )
We got married in this huge domed building in Hershey. (If you go to the park and leave at night, you'll see a big dome that's all lit up. That's where we got married and it's not a planetarium!) So the floors and staircases are this beautiful marble. The girls all walked down the stairs and we kept imaging one of us slipping and doing a header. I had my best friend be the last one down before me and she said it was because I wanted to have something cushy to land on if I fell and she was the biggest one of the bridesmaids. Laughing So we had these three foot tall, crystal vases on either side of the table where the ceremony was and they were both filled with clear marbles and flowers. My best friend kept saying, "Whatever you do, don't flip around because the train of your dress is going to knock them over and it'll be a huge mess." Well, ceremony goes off without a hitch, we turn, carefully around and get introduced to the crowd and my best friend is so pleased with herself for organizing my dress so that I didn't knock down the vase that she flips herself around and you guessed it! Vase gets knocked over, shatters and there are marbles everywhere. My dentist, his family and our photographer are all jewish so they thought it was part of the ceremony and yell Mazeltov (sp?)!! Guess that got two religions covered with one ceremony!
My best friends husband also went around and collected all the marbles. To this day, if he leaves her a note or packs her lunch, he puts a marble with it!
Our wedding went surprisingly well. It was the only nice Saturday that October, so we lucked out with the weather. The only thing that happened during the ceremony was that I started sobbing while trying to say my vows, and I heard my husband's aunt gasp from the pews, "Oh, she's CRYING!" Which, of course, only made matters worse!

We're coming up on 32 glorious years in October 2007.
Ok so we didn't really have any big problems at the wedding, beside my maid of honor being late, rushing to get ready for pictures and forgetting UNDERWEAR. You think thats bad, it was cold and windy outside and when the groomsmen came up the stairs to join us for pictures, the wind took her dress over her head!!!!! Luckily she only mooned them, but she was mortified. I of course almost died laughing. Big bonus- we caught the whole thing on tape Twisted Evil
Then when we left for our honeymoon we got snowed in in Colorado, so we got to enjoy the airport for six extra hours. Rolling Eyes

Shannon M.
OMG. that is hilarious! Laughing Laughing Laughing
OMG! I haven't read this thread until today as I knew it would take some time. I'm dying over here of laughter! Very Happy

Well, as you could probably surmise I had the usual family backlash before and after our wedding but the more entertaining stories...

My FIL drove Steve and me to the fountain area in Rosemont, IL for pictures. The fountain is diagonally across a 6 lane street from the banquet facility. The rent a cop wouldn't let him park the car there and wait so he drove it back to the facility. We took beautiful pictures on a lovely sunny day and the photographer sent the wedding party back to the banquet facility when they were finished. No one drove back to get us Evil or Very Mad! I was pissed, hot and sweaty, my feet hurt already, and then I had to streak across the gathering area to get back upstairs to my dressing room to freshen up. Now I felt ugly and was pissed that none of our wedding party members (who were Steve's brothers and sisters) thought to come back for us! They didn't think of us on our own wedding day! During the party, people kept asking why they saw the bride walking across all the lanes of Rosemont traffic in her wedding dress Shocked

I have a snapshot of us walking back into the reception building and I look really pissed.

We were married by a rabbi and a priest and had reminded the priest several times that he would stay after the ceremony to say Grace. So the band leader announces our priest and he didn't stay Sad My inlaws said a very short and respective grace. It worked out but was awkward.
This is a great thread. Just goes to show that even if the wedding isn't perfect, doesn't mean the marriage won't be!

We got married in August, the driest month of the year in the Midwest. It was supposed to be an outside wedding at a vineyard. Missouri was in a drought, perfect for me, I was so paranoid about rain!

While I was getting my hair done we heard the town sirens go off. It was dark out and had started to rain. When we got to the vineyard, we realized a tornado had gone through, and bent our tent poles (yes, one of those huge tents) in half, our tents were laying on the ground! We had to move the ceremony and reception indoors (thankfully they have a nice room with a fireplace and hardwood floors). My bridesmaids decoraged the room in 1 hour, as hubby and I were getting our pictures taken. It proceeded to rain like cats and dogs through our entire ceremony, even Grandma wore her rubber boots!

But, we like to think of it as God showing his blessing upon us! (at least now we do anyway!)
Jill keep your chin up YOUR wedding will be fine and if anything does go wrong think ofthe wonderful memories you will have ,

by the way hubby and I celebrated 51 years of togetherness last sat. Very Happy
Ok, I have to chime in. Two things happened, the morning of and during the reception. The morning of, I told my husband I was not sure I wanted to marry him. I was sooo stressed out. During the reception, I'm not sure how to put this. This is a family forum. I got my umm, oh jeez, I got my period. Yep thats right, poor planning on my part.
These have been so funny some of the things that went wrong. Laughing

GAWD I hope Jill is not reading this till after her big day, Hmmmm wonder if she will add anything to this then. Wink Laughing Laughing

GETTING NERVOUS JILL??????????????? Twisted Evil
At my first wedding we were going to be married outdoors at my sister's home under the oak trees. It started raining so we got married in a barn instead. My brother stepped on the train of my dress and I heard a huge rip. The flower girl announced in the middle of the ceremony that she had to go "poo poo". And the groom was so hungover from the previous night.

lisaoes wrote:
These have been so funny some of the things that went wrong. Laughing

GAWD I hope Jill is not reading this till after her big day, Hmmmm wonder if she will add anything to this then. Wink Laughing Laughing

GETTING NERVOUS JILL??????????????? Twisted Evil

I think I had my final nervous wedding bout on Monday-- I had a migraine that lasted almost 2 full days which I'm pretty sure I brought on myself from stressing out. I am better now. I think I just needed to get it out of my system. the nerves have turned to excitement. I can't wait to go!
Very Happy Jill everything is going to go just great. Take my advise and make sure EVERYONE of your groomsmen try their tuxes on at the shop, in enough time to get any mistakes fixed. Besides my own two wedding, Three of my children have had big wedding. Our first child to marry, waited till the wedding day to try his tux on. Shirt too small. he had to use his Dad's lol. A few of the groomsmen had shoe problems ect. Everyting else went off great. They are celebrating 10 yrs on today, 19, April. The second Wedding, Amy's we where more envolved and did not have any problems. Adam was the last Wedding almost two years ago and everything ran smoothly. So just sit back and enjoy. The days leading up to the Wedding are usually the most stressful, but the day you usually are numb, so that works. Just laugh everything off. Have a designated "go to person" for the hall to handle all the problems so that you don't have to be bothered. Just remember these are human being coming to the wedding so things will happen, just laugh, smile, and enjoy! Make sure you and James east through out the day. (ok enough mother/friend advise)
I am very much looking forward to hearing all about your wedding when you get back.
Good luck to both you and James!!!!!!!!


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