Teardrop Afghan


Has anyone made a teardrop afghan? I bought the yarn to make one for my first granddaughter (to be born in Aug).
My Mom made many adult size teardrop afghans & I cannot find her pattern (she passed away last year).
I found a pattern online http://www.newbornsinneed.org/html/teardrop_afghan.html, but it is much tighter than my Mom's.
I know I can use a larger crochet hook, but don't know how many chains to make with a larger hook.
If this makes any sense to anyone, please help.
thx, sue
Love the blanket.

I'm not very good at crochet. And I find I tend to knit much tighter for the size needes than the pattern calls for, so I have to check the gauge.

First you need to make a chain to see what gauge you will produce. They based the directions on 4 chains = 1 inch. It looks like the pattern takes 4 chains to make a tear. So you want to know the average length of the 4 chains (make 12 or so for a good average).

Figure out the size blanket you want, divide that number by the average length of the 4 chains, rounding up if needed. Then multiply that number by 4, add 1 and that's the number of chains you need.

Say it's 4 chains =1 1/2 inches and you want a 40 inch wide blanket.
40 divided by 1.5 = 28.666666666 round up to 27
Then 27 x 4 = 108, plus 1 extra (the directions give a chain # multiple of 4, plus 1), so it would be 109

Once again, that's my best guess.
Thank you so much! I do need to use a larger hook. I crochet (& knit)
very tightly. sue


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