How long is too long????


I work full time and so I leave the house at about 8am and get back anout 5.30pm. My husband works shifts so his time varies. George is left for no longer than 5 hours at the moment.
However my hubby is changing his times of work from 9am - 6pm so George will now be left for 8 hours!!

He is currently in a crate so if he is to be left this long we need to train him out of it but how long is too long to leave dogs alone???

Some days I have someone to go in and let george out but other days he will be left alone!

I don't know what to do Is this too long to leave George or will he just get used to it in time?
I forget, how old is George?
As long as he's not still a baby (in other words as long as his bladder is developed and he can hold it that long..), I think George will be fine.. I know it's not the ideal situation, but Callie and Lambda are in their crates for 8-9 hours a day all week. They really don't seem to mind -- they willingly go in their crates when I leave in the morning. We put them in the garage where it is cool and they can see out the window and talk to each other all day.
Just be prepared for one wound-up sheepie when you get home! He'll need plenty of exercise in the evenings to compensate for the long days.
We work rotating 10-12 hr shifts here. 99% of the time it works in the dogs' favor and they are here with one of us home. Even if we are sleeping during the day, we don't sleep that long in one stretch and they get let out. But then comes the occasional day where I am on a 10 hr day, and Todd is on a 12 hr day at the same time. I expect the occasional accident from 1 or 2 of them and just deal with it. I figure that is my fault, not theirs.
A mature dog can handle 8 hours. Hopefully he won't bark and bother the neighbors. Just remember to empty them in the morning and then plan on a good hour of exercise at can cook meals ahead and reheat. Your dog's mental and physical needs trump cooking every night. Wink
George is 6 months old so he is still vey young to be left but we didn't anticipate this change in Bobs hours!!

He goes on a walk in the morning and in the evening and likes this routine as he has doggy friends that he walks with!!

Currently Bob works rotating shifts which I think confuses George but on this new shift he will hopefully get into a routine.

I'm going to ask my boss if I can start and finish work earlier and my neighbour will pop in some days!!

here's hoping it will all be fine!!
Do you have any college age students around that can pop in between classes to let him out? I hope your boss is understanding - I'm sure you will figure out a good way to handle the change in times!


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