When you dream you are being chased?


I had three series of dreams last night (that I remember) and all revolved around being chased.

The first two I don't remember well at all. I think I was chasing someone in both, but no longer remember and Joan doesn't even remember me telling her about them.

The third still has more detail. It was long and most of the details are gone, but here is what I still recall:

I was with a woman on a street. It felt like some side streets of Cambridge (Massachusetts). I had a semi-automatic handgun with me that I had in my hand, and had taken from the pocket of my hoodie-like sweatshirt (I haven't worn one of those in 15 or 20 years). I had it out but we ducked into a doorway and I put it into the sock at the inside of my right ankle.

Someone saw me put it there and told the police, and I was trying desperately to avoid being seen, and then being caught once I had been spotted. Still trying to get away, I come upon a taxi stand near or in Harvard Square.

I proceed to the second taxi in line (a big no no) and I knock on the passenger front window and I see the driver is sitting in the passenger seat, reading a newspaper. He looks up at me from his newspaper and I see he is/was eating something and he gestures me away saying "no". I feel it isn't because I'm running or have made a taxi stand faux pas, but because he can't be bothered to interrupt his powdered doughnut and coffee and newspaper.

Then I go to the front taxi which is (also) taxicab yellow (I guess I do dream in colors!), but is a full size H1 Hummer. I have to put down a special step and start to haul myself in when David Hyde Pierce from the Frasier TV show reaches his hand out to me to help. I take his hand and say in a very Frasier way "Thank you, Niles." and get into the cab's passenger seat.

The police are still chasing me and now know I am in this cab, so I tell the driver to just drop me off on the side street and keep on going, which he does.

...and I wake up.

What does THAT mean? Remember, this was going on all night, but I can't recall the details of the earlier dreams.
I think that would I know , is that something is going on in your life you do not want to see it. You might be even aware of it. Are you avoiding something you don't want to do?
I don't know!

Let's see, I installed some new humongous batteries on the motorhome, now I need to return them to AutoZone to get my core charge back ($24)
I have to deal with my motorhome's insurance.
I have to deal with getting it inspected.
I have to get some new tires for it.
I need to get a new hydraulic hose for it.

I need to mow my lawn.

I need to hire someone to trim back some trees and to work on some light outside carpentry on the house.

I have to do complete my taxes for 2006 Embarassed (Although I believe I overpaid the taxes, I was unable to finish the returns by 4/15, now they are due 10/15.)

I guess that I have a few things I need to do, but nothing more than usual.

I don't think I mentioned it enough that I think my first two dreams I was doing the chasing and in the third dream, I *think* I was chasing someone at first (that's why I had the gun). I think.
You have alot going on and maybe you have to much on your list of to do's.,

Got one for you !!! The other night i had a dream my husband told me he wanted to leave for someone else. NOT A GIRL????? his old class freind who he has not seen him in years! go figure
Dunno Ron but sounds as if being chased in dreams means avoidance of some kind in real life...hmmmm? Either that or you were Al Capone or Lucky Luciano in a previous life. Wink

I dreamt I was a cat the other night. Seriously!
Actually quite hilarious as after working on brick work all week, I was just exhausted. A couple times a day I sit with the foster kittens (semi ferals I'm trying to socialize). So there I was on a mat on the floor .....zzzzzzzzz....guess I dozed off right there on the mat.

That's right I must have been so tired I fell asleep on one of the mats! LOL I dreamt I was a kitten...later realized I must have opened my eyes a few times and been surrounded by little kittens wondering what the heck I was doing stretched on their mats. Can't believe I was that tired.

You've been watching WAAAY too many action-adventure movies? Wink
Sounds like you must have eaten something wacky for dinner BadaBing!
more importantly...what does it mean that youre being chased and the only way you can get away is to run on all 4's like a dog???? Ive had that one Shocked
Was it right after you watched that silly Rob Schneider movie with the cute Survivor girl where he is made from anuimal parts?
nope, running away from a bad person...i was on the side walk but realized i could run faster and get more traction on hands and feet.....lol....boy does that sound bizzarre....

Darcy wrote:
nope, running away from a bad person...i was on the side walk but realized i could run faster and get more traction on hands and feet.....lol....boy does that sound bizzarre....

ROTFLMAO Laughing Laughing
Hi Ron did you have shoes on in the dream or barefeet?
Shoes! I would have noticed if I was barefoot when I put the pistol into my sock.
Sorry your right I missed that part
Ron!!! Excited

You last comment made me slurp coffee up my nose!

I used to have dreams where I was being chased almost every night. They never caught me, but they were always a "bad" guy that intended some kind of harm. I'm not exactly sure what they meant, but they went away. Oh, and in some of them, I could run faster if I moved my arms in front of my like I was swimming (the breast stroke). Even in the dream it seemed odd. Always felt like I was running in slow motion and I thought pushing through the air might help me along. Ha.

Maybe you're stressed? Or maybe you just saw the Bourne Ultimatum? I think I had bizarre dreams the night that I saw it. Everybody is after you and you have superhero fighting skills. (You had to see the movie)
I cracked up at the "Thank you, Niles" part. Laughing

I had a very funny chasing dream once. I dreamed this guy was chasing after me, and I was running for what seemed like forever, and he was right behind me. I tripped and fell (and skinned my knee, which I swore I could actually feel in my dream), and the guy caught up with me, and I curled up in a fetal position expecting the worst, and he was like, "Geez lady, You dropped your friggin' wallet... I just wanted to give it back." I felt SO stupid, and he helped me up and gave me my wallet. He took off running without saying anything else, then I looked down, and shouted after him, "This isn't even my wallet!", then I woke up... Rolling Eyes
Hi Ron,

I got a similar problem:
I dream to be chased since the last 20 years and I often dream that I cant move, even if I run, and before that person can catch me I wake up very sweaty cause of fear! pphh!! Embarassed Confused

Maybe it means I'm trying to get or reach something I never can have??? Maybe it's the same for you???!! Rolling Eyes
I remember dreaming years ago about chewing gum lots of it and I kept taking it out of my mouth and there was more and more I had this dream for 2 weeks. We were moving back home and lots of stress trying to sale a business, kids small, way to much of everything. When we got back here started our jobs things back to normal the dreams stopped. Year later in the paper I read about someone that had the same dreams. They said to much on your plate and and had to simplify your life. Shocked That was me and very weird.


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