I want to convert vob files to mpg or wmv files


Hoping that someone can help here.

A few years ago I authored a DVD. At the very last minute (trying to edit a type in one last title!) the software crashed and corrupted the whole "project". Shocked Shocked Shocked

Long story short, fortunately I was able to learn about the DVD video format and move the files from the last good version into a place where I could simply burn DVDs from them and they work just fine.

I'd like to take a few small scenes from that DVD and put them into .wmv or .mpg files to publish here. I can't seem to find a free way of converting from the DVD files (VOBs, BUPs, and IFOs are what is in the directory).

Does anyone know how to do this, especially if it's free?

(I still have all of the source material, but the DVD has all of the edits and scene transitions and sound dubs that took forever to do, so I'd like to use that before I go and reinvent the DVD.)

(Also, I do have DVDs, so if there's a ripper of some sort that will allow for the cutting out and conversion of some scenes, that just might do the trick too.)

Google 'file converter' Greg uses a really good one, I think it was free. he uses it for all sorts of things. I, however am a complete dunce at computers. Its all magic to me..
Hope that helped in some way Confused


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