Spring is in the Air?


Any truth in that? my sheepie girls seem to have springs on their feet and bouncing all over the place. Shocked Even the old girl has extra spring in her step, she is actually wanting to play outside with me and is full of sass too Go Dance Laughing

So when the spring sunshine beams down, do any of you notice a change in your sheepies personality ? More bounce ? More attitude ? Just plain naughty ? Cool Laughing

Spring has SPRUNG here big time and I am sooooo happy Kelsey is full of it too Wink Laughing
I live in the tropics, Florida, and I notice a difference with my girls when winter comes here. They stay outside all day during the winter months. They take naps out on the grass in the sunshine and just have a ball. They have a doggy door so they let themselves in/out. They don't come in the house much then. During the summer it is to hot so they go out in the evening around four o'clock.
Lisa I can tell you are excited about Spring, has it been a cold winter?
I can never get accustomed to the fact that your seasons are the opposite of ours!!! I cleaned the garden out for winter yesterday so all this talk of spring seems odd!!!!
That is weird - my garden is just getting rolling! I am getting my 1st tomatoes, watermelon are almost ripe. We have had green beans for about 3 weeks.

Mine are bouncy with the fall weather - being cooler and they are happy. The horses are frisky too!
Helen it has been a cold winter more so then what we have had for a good several years. We still need more rain though.

Sheepie girls were definately in the winter blues mood, now spring has literally SPRUNG here bounce bounce bounce. Laughing

Hubby is on extra walking duties for one sheepie girl to wear her out. Twisted Evil

It is amazing how a change in weather alters how they are, definately more energy. Razz No more lying around and watching tv for brie. Cool Laughing Stuffies are being monitored too so we at least have some leftover after spring. Rolling Eyes Laughing
My sheepie definitely seems HAPPIER in the winter. It's go go goo.. for her! As far as me noticing change when spring comes... maybe allergies *itch, itch* Laughing
We're not ready for winter here. Clyde still hasn't had enough time to shed last year's winter weight. Well, he did, but he gained half of it back. Embarassed At this rate, he'll be 200 pounds in the next 5 years!

I saw a great t-shirt that I always think would be great for Clyde. It said "Why won't someone do something abut how fat I am?" Twisted Evil


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