When you put your RV back on the road?


What does it mean when you put your RV back on the road?

It means you're going camping this weekend!

This will be the first overnight trip we've taken in the RV since I got ill. That was in August of 2005. This will be a close trip, we're going only 65 miles and staying in state.

We'll do our first review of a campground in years.

Let's see how it goes!
Good luck and have fun!!!!!!
Have fun, I am still working out what an RV is Let Me Think About That Is that like a Motor Home?

Watch out for mozzies and those ticks too while exploring the great outdoors. Wink

Avagood Weekend. Very Happy
Yeaay! Things are coming together for you again, that is great!
Take it easy & have fun ClappingPurple
Enjoy! Very Happy
Lisa - RV stands for Recreational Vehicle (motor home). Very Happy

Ron - I'm so glad you're feeling better now and able to go camping!! That's terrific! I hope you & Joan have a great time. Very Happy
Watch out! Ron's back on the road! Twisted Evil

Hope you have a great mini trip! Is Mulligan going?
WooHooo! A road trip Very Happy
I hope you and Joan have a fun time and all goes well.
And, you better take pictures!
Have a H-A-P-P-Y time!

Very Happy
Have fun and dont forget your camera!!!!!

We want pics!!
Do you wear a captain's hat when you man the RV? You probably should so your authority will never be questioned. Mirrored aviator sunglasses probably wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Have fun! I think JOAN should bring the camera! Twisted Evil Laughing
Yup and I look just like The Skipper from Gilligan's Island, too.

So far it's been a disaster. Nothing dangerous, just crap crap crap.

More later.
Hope things look up!
Have a good night.
I will be working tonight, so I will check for updates later.
Hope you and Joan have a great time
How was the trip?
I was just wondering the same thing. Smile
I got up and surfed through the posts - nothing!
Let's hear all the gory details. Very Happy
I am still recovering from the weekend.

We arrived in Salisbury MA Friday at 2:30.

First I needed some propane. My filler on my motorhome was on the wrong side so after looking over his parking area I suggested that I could simply turn the coach around, since "this motorhome can turn very sharply" as I told him.

The owner of the campground insisted that he direct me how to drive my coach around his campground backwards to get to his propane filling station. As I approached the station, he was giving me directions telling me to turn harder. If I turned harder I was going to hit a post on my left. so I went a little wider. He starts screaming that I need to turn harder. so I did, and I came within a couple of inches of hitting the corner of his propane shack and wooden post.

I told him this and he said: "I've been running this place for 6 years and in all that time there has only been two accidents and both times where when I wasn't directing."

He went on to tell me about the first, which I forget the details about, then told me about how the second was a regular visitor who backed into his space too far and went off the concrete pad and had to be towed out.

After filling with the propane, he directs me to pull my motorhome to a certain spot then he gets in front of me and begins to direct me forward and to the right around the corner. having looked at the road, I know the direction he is sending me will cause me to go off the pavement, so again I am staying left while he is screaming for me to go further to the right.
There is absolutely nothing in the way to my left front or to my right rear (the rear overhang swings in the opposite direction to the front) that would prevent me from staying to the left, but this guy is screaming like I'm about to hit something. So I relent and move towards the right a little and he yells "More right! More Right!" and my motorhome hits a concrete post on the right well off the road.

The result is some scraped fiberglass (I'm going to go for an estimate tomorrow) and a broken "marker light" the yellow running light on the side.

I show him this and at first he can't believe it and says that I just pushed over a flower pot. I took him to see the motorhome damage, and that is when I noticed the broken marker light. He asks me to give him the broken marker light and he will find one for me, but the next day he tells me that he was too busy with a Boy Scout project cleaning beaches. OK I understand that... I guess he forgot the night before. He tells me he'll "give me something" for the damage and tried to give me some sea shells in a glass jar "for my wife" and then a painted starfish Christmas ornament, both of which I said no thanks to.

So today I called a local place that does inexpensive body work but they won't take a motorhome, so tomorrow I need to drive 60 miles to go to a mototrhome repair facility to get an estimate for the damage and go through all of the hassle of getting this repaired. Then I'll send him the bill, which I'm predicting he won't pay, and I'll have to sue him, which I've never needed to do before in my life, but I've got a feeling, y'know?

So I park the motorhome and go to level the thing and long story short, Camping World has disabled my leveling jacks when they were "inspecting" them two weeks ago. They were supposed to remove one and send it for repair and do some other stuff to them, but instead "inspected" the system and suggested that I replace the whole thing for $4,000 instead of repairing the current system for under $1,000. Huh? So I need to start to deal with that this week as well.

So that was my first hour of my weekend.

Then the motorhome started getting pelted with little sticky berries of some sort from the tree above. That took Joan 3 hours to clean off the roof of the motorhome when we got home (I'm too big (heavy) to walk around up there anymore).

Then it poured overnight and into Saturday, when we met my brother and SIL, and a friend of ours from New Hampshire at the Clam Box in Ipswich, MA.

The main reason for us going to this campground was to be close to this restaurant. We were supposed to meet his wife and him there, but his wife had to fly to California where her mother has taken a turn for the worse. He got tied up in traffic so he had a lousy commute (2+ hours) but due to the magic of cellphones we ordered for him and it was ready just as he arrived! Cool. We ate. We ate. It was gooood. Our friend went back to NH.

Then we four walked along Salisbury Beach a little, Hampton Beach a little. My brother took a picture of the Seabrook Nuclear plant from across the river, but taking the picture caused his "Smartphone" to lock up and crash.

I couldn't sleep Friday night with the dog and Joan hogging this small bed, so finally around 3AM I kicked them out onto the pull-out bed in the livingroom. Saturday night was a little better, but I did sleep a lot last night!

Sunday the RedSox lost to the Yankees Sad 4 to 3. Couldn't ask for a better ending with bases loaded and Big Papi up at the plate for the sox with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth being down by 1 run. But just like in 1978 ion the single playoff game against the Yankees (the Bucky Dent game) the batting hero of the team (Yastrzemski then) popped up on the left side of the infield to end the game. Great game to listen to, would have been fantastic if he hit a grand salami to win it! I was watching the Patriots absolutely decimate and destroy the Chargers on TV.

So, how should I rate this weekend?
Wow Ron....

That sounds like a rough re-entry into the world of camping!

There was only one plus....at least the Yankees didn't sweep us on the homestand. It's almost October and the kleenex are ready!!! Somehow I knew Sunday would be bad with the Geritol matchup. Laughing

I hope the campground goes good for the repairs.
wow. Sorry Ron & Joan. Crying or Very sad
Yeesh! Shocked
Well, at least you aren't dead... I'm outta here!
Oh my........................

So, when are you going out again?.... I'm outta here!

Ron wrote:
I was watching the Patriots absolutely decimate and destroy the Chargers on TV.

Hey! Don't go dragging innocent victims into your bad trip!! Leave the Chargers alone!

Well, at least the food at the restaurant was good...
So with all the kinks worked out, your trip to Michigan should go much smoother!!! Twisted Evil
Yikes! Shocked That was rough for your first trip out in years. Twisted Evil

I hope the guy pays for your repairs. Mad
Oh no!! That is terrible! Haha but quite funny in a way, I think I would have to pray very hard- to not have smacked that guy Mad What an idiot. Hope you get it sorted out.

So when is the next trip?....


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