Polar Bears playing with Huskies


This was just forwarded to me in an e-mail and I thought I would share:

I'm going to provide you with a link to a website where you will hear

Dr. Stuart Brown talk about an encounter between animals in the wild...

and where you will be able to see a short 60 second slide show...

but first ... take a second to read this info on Dr. Brown:

Stuart Brown MD is the founder of the National Institute for Play.

His background is in psychiatry, and he has focused a great deal on

the evolution of human and animal play. He speaks, consults, and

educates organizations, corporations, universities, and public policy

makers, about the importance of play in our lives... including the

unexpected, serious consequences that occur when play is neglected.

His clinical research into the causes and prevention of violence, have

shown him that authentic play is a state of being which is as important

to humans as vitamins or sleep.

With that said... click on this link to see this short slide show with

Dr. Stuart's narration of an amazing encounter of animals in the wild...


Elissa--I saw this a couple weeks ago on a different forum...It is amazing!!!! I brought tears to my eyes seeing how much they both enjoyed their playtime.............
Someone posted it here, too. It was in General Chitchat but I'm too lazy to find it again.

ButtersStotch wrote:
Someone posted it here, too. It was in General Chitchat but I'm too lazy to find it again.

Embarassed I must have missed that one.
WOW, thats amazing.
I absolutely LOVE this!!! I love any pictures or videos with animals that are expected to be enemies playing or resting together. Too bad some humans can't do the same.
that was so nice to see Laughing


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