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What does Invalid ActivX/com Entries mean? My Norton System Dr couldn't fix them.I have 16. Is it possible for someone with terrible computer skills to fix? Evil or Very Mad
I haven't maintained a Windows computer in 4 years, but I have used Google much more recently. There are two answers:

The long answer:

It means there are likely problems in the 'registry', the giant table of data that Windows maintains on installed programs, their settings, and so forth. This table usually gets messed up by bad installers/uninstallers, malware, adware, crashes, etc. I'm not sure how reliable Norton's diagnosis is, but you have several options:

[list]1. Ignore it. Many of these problems may not affect anything of note and trying and failing to solve it may cause more harm than good.

2. If Norton dumps out a list of the actual entries in question, you could Google search these entries (one at time) and see what they relate to. You might find a particular piece of software that is the culprit, and you could re-install it (or if it is malware you could remove it).

3. Download one of the many free/commercial programs expressly designed to fix registry problems. In particular see if Microsoft has one first. Google is your friend here .. but be sure the program is from a reputable source.[/list]

The short answer:

It means it is time to buy a Mac or install a free copy of Ubuntu Linux. No reason to spend more money fixing problems that Microsoft should have long ago fixed free of charge.
As a computer professional I can agree that I was completely unable to get ubuntu to install on my laptop.
Here's a link to a reg. cleaner Very Happy
The last time I used a registry cleaner my computer went down. Evil or Very Mad

I attribute it to Norton's Anti-Virus. The cleaner was removing registry files from Norton that were "not used" which took my computer down last year, so I got rid of it.
When the reg cleaner took out the rest of the files....down it went.
It deleted some vital booting file or something.

What a nightmare!!!

I think I'll stay away from the reg cleaners from now on.
I have been using this one for awhile and have had no problems and it does clean out a lot of junk . I got rid of Norton a few years back Very Happy
Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Ubuntu. I couldn't get Linux to install the first time I tried either, but that was about 6 years ago. I'm assuming you tried with a recent copy?

In my experience, Linux is the easier install these days--all the drivers are already built in. But the difference is really unimportant, as average computer users will never install either on their own.

Regardless of your preferences, it good to remind people they have a choice. Microsoft may have the monopoly, but for a small price premium Apple sells good hardware and a great operating system, and for less money Dell can build you a computer with Ubuntu preinstalled.
The problem for me was a known bug with Ubuntu not being able to boot with a certain component. This is exactly Microsoft's strength, it works with everything, just about.

The problem with the average Joe getting a *nix box from Dell is that the average Joe right now can't handle the apps, and can't get a lot of different apps for their Ubuntu box. That will change over time.

Someone in my office couldn't figure out how to get a YouTube video on the screen to play yesterday. (I won't mention any names.)
Ok guys thanks for all your advice I'm going to try it all. It took me 15 minutes just to log on and type this. Norton antivirus also says we have the Trojan.Jundo virus and it can't repair the file. If you don't here back my computer crashed and I'll tell ya'll what happened when I get a new one.My dad told me to try trend antivirus its free to scan the computer . It scanned and listed all the problems and then froze during the repair. Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil
The virus is gone Very Happy . My daughter fixed it using the Norton Antivirus. I didn't know how to delete the threat manually. I clicked on quarantined and nothing was listed. She clicked on [all }and it listed all the threats and she deleted them one by one. Under( all )it stated they were quarantined but under quarantined nothing listed. I don't get it and I'm not going to try.
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