When Ron doesn't talk about the Red Sox?


So what's up, they make the World Series and Ron is quiet? Where are the squeals?
I've been trying not to cause the Sox any problems!

I was soooo looking forward to a Mets/Sox series. Sorry Mandy. Crying or Very sad
I know. It was a little scary to be rooting for the Mets in Pennsylvania for those last few weeks too!! Some Phillies fans are awfully scary!!!!

I think I might actually root for the American League side this World Series. I think its the first sign of the Apocalypse!!!
We actually had someone adopt a rescued OES here in Indiana and they renamed her SOX!

Talk about a die-hard fan!
We are diehard Sox fans in OUR house Wink

I was a little concerned about my son this weekend, he's a USC ( The REAL USC-SOUTH CAROLINA), Eagles, and Boson Fan. USC lost on Sat, the Eagles lost on Sun and I was afraid that the Sox would lose on Sun night. But they pulled it off and I was able to cancel the Mental Health Eval for my son!!!!!
Nita, I'm sure the dog was renamed after the CHICAGO White Sox.
Paula! I was going to say that!!!

Ron, I was surprised too that we didn't hear a hoot or holler outta you!
I didn't hear that the Eagles had lost. LOL Thanks.

Paula O. wrote:
Nita, I'm sure the dog was renamed after the CHICAGO White Sox.

Uh, nope. Those Sox were definitely RED! I'm outta here!
Hey! Stop beating up on the Philly fans!!
Hey! OH stop beating up on the WHITE Sox!!!!

GO ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess I'll step up for the Sox fans, even though I have had my heart broken so many Octobers....................we are going to Colorado up 2-0!!
GO RED SOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dancing Banana Dancing Banana Dancing Banana Cheering! Dancing Banana ClappingPurple ClappingPurple Mr. Green ClappingPurple ClappingPurple Mr. Green Yay!!! Yay!!! Dancing Banana
I knew the Rockies were doomed when one of my brothers called to assure me the Rockies would win. Last time I heard such confidence the Broncos were smashed by Dallas in their first SuperBowl game. Took them years to recover. If all my brothers are in the stadium, it could be a short series..........
Now that the RightSox Very Happy have already won the World Series in 2004, and accomplished an historic comeback to beat the Yankees 4 games straight to win it, the Championship isn't as all consuming for me.

Sure, it would be very nice for the Sox to win, and I'm cheering as hard as I can and the neighbors may again suffer the blasts from my air horns some midnight... but... well... it wouldn't be the end of the world for me if they didn't win.

I was just thrilled that an aging Curt Schilling got another huge playoff win. To me, 2004 was all about Schilling and his bloody foot. The man had multiple surgeries sewing his foot together, risking the rest of his career to get the Sox their first World Series victory in 86 years.

For that I will always be grateful to him, and I hope he stays with our team until the end of his career and in a coaching or management position afterward. I feel the management owes almost everything to Curt. I hope they realize that, before they toss him to free agency and thereby devalue the "future history" of his story of guts and accomplishment.

Now? Were just a very good team with excellent camaraderie fostered by an underrated manager and some stars that are shining brightly financed with a huge payroll. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they are "my" team, so I can root for and enjoy following a winning team playing good baseball that is fun and exciting to watch.

A World Series would be nice, but I would or will feel badly for the Rockies fans. Knowing the anguish I had for so many years, I can empathise with them.
Well, I guess the RedSox won! Very Happy

Woo hoo.
Congrats Ron! And all Boston Fan's. But the least ya coulda done is let us have ONE game here at home!!!!

I am kind of sad the series went so quick. I was thinking it would have been true Red Sox fashion to make it go all seven games.
There was a reporter that wrote the win in 2004 was an exorcism (sp.?) and this year is an exclamation, I thought that was a good way to put it.

I wore my Red Sox scrubs to work today proudly Very Happy


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