MAG Innovision LT916s 900P 19" LCD monitor failures


What does it mean when you buy 2 MAG Innovision LT916s 900P 19" LCD monitors install them on different computers in different cities 70 miles apart and they both fail the same way within a couple of weeks of each other both just past the warranty period?

My brother and I both bought these monitors on Black Friday 2005 and they both failed in early 2007. Unfortunately both have burned out both just past the 1 year warranty, and they want $100 to fix them, or $200 if it involves the panel itself. We paid $160 for them, so...

Looking online there seem to be 100's of them with the same problem for sale for parts. It's an "internal power supply" problem. There should be a class action suit, darnit.

So who can help us become the lead plaintiff in a class action suit? The only people who really benefit from a class action are the lawyers and the lead plaintiffs and maybe future consumers.

I want restitution!


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