Not realizing that OES ended up in Shelters....


I obviously know different now. Embarassed But before finding the forum I never realized OES ended up in shelters or rescue groups. I thought they were a very rare breed.

So my question is, Was I the only one who didn't know that?

Mind you, I hadn't had an OES in 20 yrs before I found Pepsi in the local shelter. Then later, Rags through the forum.
I did realize there were rescues for other breeds, but thought that the OES was much sought after, so it just didn't happen.

I did visit my local Humane Society and there were no OES's there. I got Pearl at the HS about 9 years fate.........she came in, they called me cuz they thought she was a bearded collie and they knew I was looking for another Beardie...Well..........she WASN'T a beardie.......but a lovely OES. I did not know there were OES rescues at the time.
i had no idea..... Embarassed

i guess in darcy world all puppies are wanted, meant to be and come from good places....

reality is much worse, i know better now.... Crying or Very sad
I guess I've never really thought about shelters as being breed specific, you know? I mean, I know purebred dogs wind up there, but I wouldn't go to one hoping to find a specific breed. I am a sucker and a bleeding heart so if it was my intention to come home with a dog, I'd probably pick the one who looked like he needed me the most over what kind he was!

Some breeds you really just don't think even have rescues because they're so rare but, sadly, almost all breeds do. Even all the breeds at the bottom 10 of the AKC registration stats have rescues affiliated with them. Luckily though, the numbers into those rescues are considerably fewer but, then again, the pool is much smaller too. The only ones that really don't are the breeds that are pretty new to the U.S. and are not part of the AKC yet. For example, I know there is no Bergamasco rescue-- which is a good thing! I'm happy to know that they don't need a rescue yet and I hope it stays that way.
I never really thought much about it, but I suppose there have to have been, from time to time, especially since when I was growing up one of our sheepies bit my brother on his face and they took him to a shelter (the sheepie, not my brother), so there was at least one sheepie in a shelter in the 80s!
I had never had an OES in my life until I adopted Violet. I had done a lot of research on the type of dog I wanted....and the OES found my heart. As i was doing the research I came across the Central Florida OES Rescue and sent them an e-mail and the rest is history. Very Happy
I am now happy to know I wasn't the only person that had no clue about OES rescue.
when I got Sami, I did not know, but not to many up in Alberta, I think.
I would look much harder next time for sure.
I never really thought about it years ago. Before I was involved in rescue.

Now I know, so I voted I can't remember. I don't remember ever seeing one in the shelters.
I must say no I didn't know. I have learned soooo much in the last 16 months and would like to thank everyone here for the wealth of information.
Nope, I never thought OES can be found in a shelter...I just didn't think anybody would NOT want them!
After now currently with my 5th and 6th OES...I know this is not the breed for everyone. My 3rd OES was a rescue in 1990. I know they are not a common breed, but any dog someone can't handle will end up in the unwanted pile. We all know the trials a sheepie can put you through, and how firm you need to be with most of them.

Very Happy I am sure glad it is my breed though. I can't imagine living without one.
there have always been OES dogs in my life from my grandfathers 5 to my own 3 but I never thought about them being in resuce I also thought anyone that had one would love them forever.


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