when my photos never end up uploaded?


I have tried unsuccessfully to upload pictures of my tow that I wan tto use for an avatar. Thye never show up as approved. Is there a problem?
Hi Kerry,

I don't see any photos waiting for approval and I don't see any uploaded by user "kerry" in the last few days.

After you upload the photos, and assuming you receive the "2 uploads successful" (or whatever number is successful) you need to click on the continue button and then place each picture into the appropriate album. If you don't do that step, eventually they are just erased.

For complete instructions, check out: http://forum.oes.org/viewtopic.php?t=1119#45687

Check out that post, and scroll around for other topics about pictures.

Let me know if you're still stuck!
You will need to let me know if you are getting some kind of an error message, and if you ware, what it says....
Thanks don't know how I missed that step - although this time it only asked me to place one photo in the album? Apparently I am flunking file uploading Smile
I can't wait to see more pictures, the Halloween costume glasses were a riot!
It will ask one at a time .. from the ones you just uploaded. It won't go back and find others.... or maybe it will! I dunno!

I did just approve some you uploaded today.

thanks Ron finally I got it! There must be a joke in here about how many ....


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