My dog barks at aluminum poles.


What does it mean when my dog barks at aluminum poles?

My first dog used to bark at the pole used to raise and lower my roof windows. He would go absolutely bonkers if he heard it even from another room. If I picked up the pole he'd be wary, if I went to use it he'd go nuts. If I shook it he'd go nuts.

Fast forward 10 years; new dog. Same thing! He goes bonkers over the pole (not QUITE as much as pooch number 1, but pretty close). So I figure it must be making some really weird noise I can't hear.

Then I borrowed an aluminum "monopod" (like a tripod, only 2/3rds less of it Very Happy ) to use and when I open/extend it dog number 2 goes crazy! He goes especially nuts when the little buttons pop into place to hold it open to length. Then I noticed the same thing with an aluminum cane! When walking with the cane he sems to be OK, but when I changed the length of the cane and the buttons pop out, the dog goes wild!

So what is it with aluminum poles and dogs? Is it just my guys? Anyone else ever have this issue?
panda doesnt like the aluminum pooper scooper....she barks and chases after it.
My old dog used to run and hide under the bed when I would snap close the metal rings in a binder. She was afraid of thunder and sudden noises like that scared her. Maybe it's something with the noise sounding like something else.
I'm with you Ron, there might be some ultra high frequency vibrations they are hearing........
I can't belive you guys don't know this! Your dog thinks it a Festivus Pole and "airing grievences!"

My dog has issues with the aluminum ladder. Hmmm...
^^^ LOL - about the Festivus pole!

We have a big aluminum pole that our Martin house (big birdhouse) is up on. It is in 3 sections and can be raised and lowered. It is ususally windy here, so it moves and sways a lot.

My dogs have never noticed it or paid any attention to it. For several months Chewie's tie-out was right next to it.

I also have 2 sets of aluminum pooper scoopers, that is OK too.

We have an aluminun extension ladder that goes up to the hayloft, and the dogs are around it a lot when we are going up and down feeding animals. They aren't bothered by it at all. Actually, I think they wish they can climb it. They see Tipup the cat going up with us and they look jealous! Laughing


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