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My wife and I just got a puppy from a good breeder on Saturday. Took her to the vet yesterday for a checkup yesterday and everything looked great. We woke up this morning and she had a little red bump on bum. My wife grew up on a farm so we knew what it was.

Took the puppy back to the vet and we were correct. the vet stitched it to fix, but it didn't work. He is going to keep her overnight and evaluate to see if it makes sense to try again in the morning or if a better option to to amputate the extra tissue.

Has anyone done this before or know much about it? How effective is the surgery to amputate? What kind of recovery is involved?

Just looking for some advice from someone who is familiar with the process. Thanks for the help.


I would suggest that you contact the breeder for help on this.
I cannot suggest you return the puppy because you are no doubt quite attached to the little tyke by now. But I would certainly request that the breeder pay the vet bill.

I had experience with a prolapsed uterus in a cow. The vet gave her a muscle relaxant, pushed everything back in and used the medical equal of a staple gun to attach the front end of the uterus to the innerds of the cow. Worked too.

I had an OES that developed adhesions in the lower intestine and prolapsed a portion of the rectum. Took major surgery to remove the adhesions and when that problem was resolved, the rectum returned because no more extreme pushing was needed when he pooped.

Whatever you do, please know that I will say prayers for you and your puppy.

Bless you all hearts

I just went through this with a Manx kitten that I was fostering. Although it was my first experience with a prolasped anus in one of my animals, it's common with Manx cats. I had the surgery done for Petunia, (late Dec) but like what happened in your case - the stitches blew a few days later as they believe she had a hard stool. We suspect she had been previously constipated as I had a tube of stuff from the doctor to add to her food which would cause soft stools. It was also recommended that she only eated canned food while she healed.

In a nutshell, I've since heard from many people that have had this type of surgery for their cats and it seems that sometimes it doesn't work the first time...but may take two or three attempts before the stitches finally hold and their is no reoccuring problems.

I will have to take Petunia in again in a few weeks. Good luck to you and please pass on any info you may find out as well as perhaps it will help me too.


Sending belly rubs to your pup.


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