Does anyone know how to sharpen the East/West or Santoku knife?
They sell some kind of sharpener gadget online. I would rather not buy it.
you know i'm so terrible and have never sharpened any of my knives. ...just wanted to say that my santoku knives are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you have a sharpening steel? It is supposed to work on them too, but I am never happy with the job I am to do with the sharpening steel.

What about a professional knife sharpener?
There are two types of sharpeners......the hand held and the electric. $20 vs. #80. The blade angle is a little different so I'd be hesitant to use a steel unless I knew I could get the 17 degree angle.......also, aren't they beveled on just one side? (Obviously I haven't purchased any yet).

The sharpening steel is useless if your knife has lost the bevel.....the angle other than what the whole blade is.......there are at least two angles, the entire blade and then the tiny bevel that is on the cutting side. If that is gone or greatly worn down, you need to have the knife reground. The steel just enhances the cutting bevel, removing any bends or misalignments. It's not for use more than a few swipes. If your knife is really dull, the steel won't help, but it works wonders if used every few days.

I don't use the sharpeners, I take my knives to a professional for regrinding when necessary. I will admit, I'm tempted to get one of the electric models knowing I can get any booboo taken out by a pro.
I need a great knife to chop veggies - Is a Santoku the best? Can anyone suggest a Santoku knife to get? I want one for my birthday, but unsure what type to ask for.


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