Girls Singing the National Anthem


Here is a very nice and respectful version of The Star Spangled Banner.

I'm not sure I've ever seen/heard a packed stadium so quiet. i impressed.....
Imagine being able to harmonize at that age let alone maintain the proper key and tune. While I'm no fan of the octave jump at the end, it wasn't too bad here. Yes, they are cuties!
Very impressive. Brought goose-bumps to my skin. These girls did justice to this beautiful song.
Someone sent this to me in an e-mail yesterday and I thought it was quite impressive for such young girls. Razz
That was wonderful. Very Happy
Our local choir director is a great musician herself, and has written similar acapella arrangements for our kids to sing at games. Brings back memories!!
I can't sing a note, but all 3 of my kids were section leaders in choir...must be a mutant gene in there somewhere! Smile

jcc9797 wrote:
Brought goose-bumps to my skin.

Me too! Awesome!
Did you also listen to the little 4 year old girl sing "Happy Birthday Jesus"? She's great for such a young child. It's amazing she can remember all the words in that song (not your normal birthday song), let alone have the courage to sing in front of a crowd like that.


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