What does your Lipstick kiss say about you?


Just for fun for the Ladies, check this out. Very Happy

I remember lipstick Razz

I think it might be at the bottom of the dog bag..........
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

What? Surprised You mean you'd actually consider leaving the house without lipstick? Shocked
I might have an outdated tube somewhere. Maybe.

Now Chapstick - I have a tube everywhere! In my purse, work locker, pockets of coats, my vehicle..... Very Happy Very Happy
I'm actually too lazy to bother Very Happy
i hadn't worn lipstick or makeup for so long that when i did, i thought i looked like a clown. now i have to remain ugly...i mean natural.
I wore lipstick once when I was 16 but that's it yet everyone (mom and MIL) buys me some every year no matter what I say Laughing

Anywho, I just tried and I'm a divine diva:

• You have a commanding presence and charisma – people are naturally drawn to you.
• You relish the spotlight and know just how to flatter people.
• You’re a great flirt with a vivid imagination and always see endless possibilities in a given situation.
• You are competitive and love to win.
• You appreciate humor in life and try to make light of most situations.
• You are known to be relatively fickle – charming one moment, then somewhat emotional.
• You’re vivacious, driven and used to achieving your goals.
• Romantically, you love being the center of attention, as you adore the spotlight and affection.
Y'all not wearing lipstick is just killing me. Mr. Green I wish I could get by without makeup. I wouldn't dare, though, too scary to think about it. Laughing

So, my kiss & tell is, I'm a Lucky Charmer. Kiss

• You have a way about you, a certain ‘joie de vivre’ that sets you apart and makes you special.
• You are creative, upbeat, innovative and delightfully entertaining – the perfect dinner guest.
• You have a playful manner that is always engaging and fun.
• You attract success; some say you’re just plain lucky, but a keen intelligence and unique talent make you a winner.
• Your childlike nature can be sweet and charming, but sometimes gets in the way.
• You pay attention to details and can have impeccable manners.
• You are great at the art of giving and receiving love.
Lipstick used to be the only makeup I wore until I just developed an allergy to it out of the blue a few years ago. My lips swell up and I get a big red ring around my mouth that burns like fire. Now, for special occasions, if I lay down a layer of medication and Aveeno chapstick, I can wear a hypoallergenic brand for a short time but, even then, I still get some irritation. It's a real shame, too because my mom works for Estee Lauder and I can't tell you how much free lipstick is available!
I'm pretty much a carmex girl. I hardly EVER wear makeup. Can't be bothered with it. My friends in college and high school used to play "Let's Makeup Steph" but that was about it. Sometimes I'll go through mascara phases or subtle lip gloss, but that's about it. My lips are too thin, so wearing lipstick just calls attention to that!
wow.....im impressed that it actually worked...

here is me...so u-nique

You are a true individual, a free spirit who makes the rules up as you go.
• Some may accuse you of being overly optimistic.
• You just don’t give much credence to obstacles.
• You are friendly and outgoing.
• You always look stylish and have an affinity for fabulous shoes.
• You dream big and play big and love to inspire others to shoot for the stars.
• You are fiery and enjoy taking a walk on the wild side with a very special someone.
Too close to tell for me.
I seem to be between so u-nique and opti-mystique
I think closer to opti-mystique though.

• You are confident and highly optimistic.
• Your smile is contagious; you have that special “glow.”
• You’re ambitious and relish challenges.
• Regardless of the situation, you find a way to overcome even the most daunting obstacles.
• Always on the go, you have a great zest for life and can easily find that there’s not enough time in the day.
• You’re witty and very aware of your feminine mystique.
• Lively and engaging, you are an extremely passionate kisser.
• Your lip type expends the most energy.

got sheep wrote:
I might have an outdated tube somewhere.....

Mine's been in my makeup drawer for so long that the drawer is stuck shut, Wink and "I sell Avon!" Embarassed
Im "hippie girl" --

Thanks for the link - that was fun!! Very Happy
Hey, I finally found a "permanent" lipstick that won't come off and not dry out my lips.....now you want me to be making lip smacks?
I'm a smackers girl, have been since high school. My favorite smackers is Dr. Pepper. It has a slight pink or red tint but mostly moisturizes.


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