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Mona Lisa throws up more than any dog I've ever had. The Vet says she just a sensitive stomach. I've tried over 6 different foods to see if there is any change... her most recent one she has been on for over 6 months and she is doing better but still about once a week (sometimes more) she throws up. Otherwise she seems fine. Anyone have any ideas?????
does she eat too fast?
Does she drink a lot of water at once? Barney does that sometimes. Actually this morning Rolling Eyes where he'll just gobble up his food and then down a bowl of water and then a minute later it all comes back up.
Ask your vet to maybe check for Irritable Bowel Disease?

Not sure if it's common in OES, but given their sensitive stomachs, I would think that the breed has it more than we are aware of. Our boy Frank has it.
Thank you all for answering!! Sometimes she does eat really fast and then drink water quickly -- others times not. If she has IBS what do they do for her??
Okay I read the link after I posted -- thanks verveup -- I will take her to the vet and see what she thinks. Smile
With regards to eating really fast, try floating her food in a little bit of water and see if it helps. Does she usually throw up right after or within a little while after eating?
Maybe giving smaller and more frequent meals would help? ie: feed 3-4 times but small amounts instead of 2 large meals? have u tried feeding chicken and rice? Hills does a food especially for sensitive tummies, in both dry and tinned form. This is a link from the UK website, but they have a US website too.
MO has a chronic tender tummy. In the a.m. she wakes me up with her stomach and intestines gruggles and rumbles......and her insistance she get outside NOW. Then she avoids food for 12 hours. Instead she eats grass......which aggravates the problem.

I've taken to making her meals......boiled rice and ground turkey with veggies. Then I slowly start incorporating her food back in until I exceed the threshold and we have to start all over again.

Take your young one to the vet, start the diagnosis process, but realize you may have to take a more active role in her food than just buying stuff.

One thing, don't push food. She'll eat just what she needs and may be a tad skinny all her life. Could be worse.
Oscar used to vomit often, especially after drinking water. We started limiting the amount of water he got at any given time to about 8 - 10 ounces, and that certainly helped.

Oscar also suffers from IBD, which is a nice way of saying "sensitive tummy" after you've spent tens of thousands of dollars at the vet! (Just kidding.) It was the endscopy that told us that Oscar had a severely inflamed small intestine, but of course couldn't tell us why. We did at least 12 food changes over a 2 year period trying to ascertain if it was food related, and we've settled on kibble that seems to work for now.

Does Mona Lisa have solid stool? If so, and it's just vomiting, please have her checked for ulcers. Our first sheepie, Quincy, would vomit occasionally, maybe once every few months. His stool was always solid, always, and always a light brown color, the same as his food. Then he couldn't keep any food down and he passed away unexpectedly within days. In the autopsy, they discovered huge ulcers that had perforated. It was a terrible, terrible thing, and other than the occasional vomiting, he showed no signs of stomach issues. This certainly may not be the case for Mona Lisa, but it can't hurt to have the vet consider it. (Oscar takes Pepcid AC to prevent ulcers, as he runs very acidic.)

SheepieBoss, how many times a day does MO get fed? Oscar went through a recent bout of IBD, where he woke up exactly as you described, with a "rumbly in his tumbly" and then he wouldn't eat for hours until his tummy settled, but once he ate, he was fine. My vet suggested that we add a meal at bedtime, so that he wouldn't go so long without food. (We went from 2X per day to 3X per day). It worked. He hasn't had an issue in the morning since.

Laurie and Oscar
Irritable Bowel Disease & Irritable Bowel Syndrome are 2 entirely different things. IBD is the more serious, causing nutrients not getting properly absorbed properly in the intestine. Autoimmune related.

They do blood work to check Eosinophil levels in the blood. If they are too high, they have the disease. The good news is that there are great prescription dog foods that just about cure the symptoms and allow a dog to get the nutrients it needs.

I don't believe there are any blood tests for IBS, I think the vets go with hunches on that one. Please correct me if I'm wrong, we had a cat that had IBS flare ups a few times.
Hmmm, thanks, I'll try that. Hopefully the other three won't insist on food then too. Poor baby will be getting just tiny bits at, her now, 3 meals.
I am taking Mona to the vet in the morning. She does have solid stools and is pretty regular about them -- just the vomiting. That is so terrible a dog died from ulcers -- that would be horrible...

I'll let you all know what the doc says and I'll tell her what you told me. Thank you!! Smile

SheepieBoss wrote:
MO has a chronic tender tummy. In the a.m. she wakes me up with her stomach and intestines gruggles and rumbles......and her insistance she get outside NOW. Then she avoids food for 12 hours. Instead she eats grass......which aggravates the problem.

There are theories that dogs eat alot of grass when they feel sick to make themselves vomit, a bit like if a human felt really sick, making yourself vomit as it can make you feel better.
I hope all went well at the vet with Mona Lisa. Losing Quincy to ulcers was awful, and most likely preventable with Pepcid AC had he shown any signs.

Verveup, you are correct. Oscar has IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) which is the autoimmune disorder, and more serious, while IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is usually diagnosed after they cross everything else off the list. The term "sensitive tummy" is usually interchangeable with IBS.

Laurie and Oscar
The vet wasn't a whole lot of help but she didn't seem all that worried either. I switched her food to one for sensitive stomachs and have stopped all people food (I know I'm bad for that) and she has had a couple of throw ups since then but not nearly as bad. The vet said bring her back in a few weeks if it's not better.
My OES is six years old and was throwing up off and on. The vet did a blood test and found he had pancreatitus. The diet he recommended was cooked green beans with no salt, cooked chicken, cooked egg whites (one several times a week), cooked lean meat, (no salt) and fish, and about 1/2 cup of cooked sweet potato. I feed him canned tuna with no salt when I can get it. He gets two main meals, and a snack before bed. I cook all his food, but it is worth it. He had lost a lot of weight, but now is doing better. He is my assistance dog and was not focused on his work, but now that is better also which lets me know he is recovering. I will now have blood work done every year just to make sure all is well.


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