Proper Etiquette for Toasting a Host


I was wondering, what is the proper etiquette when toasting a host, do you look at every person or just lift your glass... I was told that we should look at every person at eye level when it's a small group.
I have tried but I burst out laughing Embarassed
anyone care to help me out here ????
Well, don't say anything you don't believe then! LOL

I assume this means you are nervous when speaking in public?

If you can look around and make eye contact with everyone as you are giving your toast, that would probably be most effective. However if you can't look at everyone, pick one person near the back and look at his/her forehead, not eyes.

If that fails, look just over the top of everyone's head and scan then room, pausing over every other person's head.

If all else fails, just be yourself.
I seem to get panic attacks when I have to speak publically in front of a large audience. This is funny this is I used to act and dance in front of hundreds of people. The only way I could do this was starting into the lighting. That was I could not see the audience at all.
Sorry you don't have this option.

I have also been told to picture everyone in their underwear. That just grossed me out. Laughing

I do find that I tend to stumble over words when I have to speak in public... due to nerves. I have always brought the written speech with me. I think now that the my problem is reading in public. I have always been embarrassed to read in front of people. This goes back to elementary school. The kids used to tease me about how slow I read.

My last speech was at my Grandmother's funeral. Instead of just bringing the speech I memorizied it... and when couldn't quite remember what I was supposed to say I adlibed. I had my cousin ( a former ABC news anchor) come up to me after the speech and said she was very impressed with my speech and how eloquent it was. I also got other compliments. But the one from my cousin meant the most as she was a news anchor for many years in California and then New Orleans.
I seemed to be a lot more at ease having it memorized.

Like Ron suggested. I also looked at the tops of peoples heads and moved my eyes back and forth and up and down the aisles. That also seems to help.

Wishing you lots of luck!!! You can do it!! Very Happy


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