When I keep having to log on


Why is it that just lately, even though I have asked for me to be logged on automatically when I open the forum, I have to re-enter my user name and password? Evil or Very Mad I could understand if I had cleared my 'cookies' recently but I haven't. It is a real pain as the option to 'View posts since last visit' option then doesn't work and I have to go through every section to see what's new!! Crying or Very sad

Is it just me that this is happening to?? What am I doing wrong? I haven't done anything differently lately Question

Thank you in advance for your ideas! Help me Ron - please Pleading
check the box that says "log me in automatically" after you enter your username and password.
I've always done that and it still doesn't work but thanks for the suggestion!
It happens to me occassionally, but not lately. Sorry, I wish I could help.
Yup, I think it's just you, sorry....
On a different but related note, often when I log in the little flags that turn pinkish to let you know that there is a new message in that thread isn't pink, even though the "last post" indicates that something IS new.

What's going on?!
Could it be that you had a browser update & it changed an internet setting? Check your 'tools' I guess Question
Only thing I can thinkof is to check your cookie settings, ensure that the privacy level isn't set to high, and put oes.org on your cookie whitelist.
mine doing it also, But dave added more security to the computer, so I am thinking it has to do with that. But that is for every site now, not just here.
Thanks for the advice - I just had to log on again Grrrr...... I have added oes.org in my cookie settings to allow so I'll see how we go from here. Thanks again!


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