HELP! My Dog loves to EAT ROCKS!!!!


My 6 1/2 month OES puppy loves rocks! He can't be outside alone for 2 seconds, because he smells the rocks and start to dig. Or he will go to different corners of the yard until he finds rocks.
He will throw up the big ones, and I have found several of them in his stool.
I am afraid to put a doggy door because of this. Please help me!
I am sure this is a puppy thing that he will grow out of. I wouldn't put the dog door in until he out grows this though.

Where is Southern California are you?
I would not be putting in a doggie door till this behaviour stops. It's dangerous you have been lucky so far that he has passed or thrown up the stones. People end up at the vets having there dogs operated on to remove obstructions.

He is teething so it is not helping his obsession with rocks and stones. Supervision is a must, put him on a lead to potty him so you have control on him and know exactly what he is doing. Off lead in the yard, keep him busy, throw a ball or chew toy and keep him busy that way. Exercise him, supervise him outside and keep him busy with play and appropriate toys to play with outside, he will grow out of it but at the moment it sounds like it is a bit of boredom his rock obssession, A tired sheepie with lots of play with approprate toys to run around with is a good sheepie. Wink
My dog is 2 years old and still loves rocks. In fact my vet told me she used to have an OES who ate rocks all the time and then every couple of years had to have surgery to remove them. I don't want to do that but it's hard to keep her away from the rocks.
My Bailey ate a lot of rocks as a puppy - and all of our landscaping is gravel, so it 's a huge rock buffet out there. He stopped doing it when he was around 16 months old. He never had any medical issues from the gravel, it all worked its way through. But I was very careful about staying outside with him and telling him to "leave it" until he outgrew it.
Edgar had this same problem. He was not allowed to go out alone for the longest time because of it. He finally grew out of it. Probably because every time he'd get a rock in his mouth he was told to drop it or leave it. Or his mouth was forced open because he wanted to keep chewing on it. Just keep working on him leaving the rocks alone. Hopefully he will grow out of it too.


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