Hey all,

I'm wondering about my little girl's weight, she is just 7 monhs and she weighs 15kg.
She looks lanky, her rips aren't showing or any thing like that, so she's healthy.
She's wormed and vet checked so no problems there.
Just always thought of the breed to be chunky and she's far from chuncky, even with all her thick fur!
She's a x bearded collie, who are a smaller breed than OES, she looks just like a OES, but maybe she has the build of a beardie?
She isn't fussed on food at all, although she loves carrots! Shocked
She also tries to steal grapes, but she isn't allowed as they're not good for dogs.
Has anyone got and treats they make up for weight gain?
Any ideas / thoughts, I know I'm just fussing again, but she is my baby and I'm allowed to fuss over her?? Very Happy
I assume she has been checked for worms and intestinal parasites? You may have to repeat the tests several time as some of the bad guys have life cycles that may prevent them from showing up every time.

That said, yes I have a recipe. They are called Satin Balls.

10 lbs....so that's about 4 kilos ground meat Shocked yes, this makes a bunch!
1 jar of wheat germ
1 large box rolled oats (I don't have one on hand to give kg equivalent, but it must have 10-12 cups oats)
1 1/4 cup vegetable oil
10 eggs
10 packets Unflavored gelatin
1 1/4 cup unflavored molasses (you have treckle which would do fine)
pinch of salt (I don't know why)
1 box of high nutrient cereal like Total

Mix all together and divide into freezer bags. Serve as meatball treats...a couple a day as treats or with the meals.
Great recipe, but don't use it just to fatten her up. She is what she is and if her weight is fine per your vet, why add lard to her frame? That's just more for her to lug around.

An OES typically has more bone than a Beardie. Since she's a mix and perhaps the OES familial side of things was rather lightboned as well, she probably is lighter boned that you might expect. If you want to bulk her up a bit, you can try building muscle, especially easy in the rear - that'll happen just by letting her run and play, and by letting her run up grassy hills. Jumping will do it too, but since she's just a baby and her growth plates haven't closed yet, no organized jumping, nothing too intense and no road work (trotting along on hard surfaces - not so good). Lots of free play or hiking in some hilly woods where she sets the pace is the best thing at this age.

If she's expending more energy, you up her food and keep a close eye on her to see where it's actually going.

(I once put my eldest on performance food - my agility dog, we did a lot of conditioning things as well, so I thought she needed the extra calories. Nope. She soon turned into my chubby agility dog Laughing Different with a growing dog, though.)

Love those well-muscled, rock hard sheepdog butts & thighs. Sort of like a good quarter horse. Gorgeous to watch a dog like that in action.

Vroom, vroom Wink

Thanks, yep, she's been check by the vet and she's ok worm and parasite wise, she's just on the lower side of an 'ok' weight, she does already do lots and lots of exercise, she runs round like crazy, I take her for about an hours a day over to a very long grass and hilly park, so maybe she is just burning it all off! Although it is hard to encourage her to eat more as she isn't all that fussed by food, I'll tr the treats, a few high calorie treats might help with all her running. I hadn't taken that into account.
By the way, do you cook the meat balls at all?


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