What does it mean when Blue runs around the pool?


When the kids are in the pool, Blue constantly runs around the pool, back and forth, constantly barking at them, then sometimes when she runs around the corner bits by the steps she falls in.

I know she loves water, cause she does the same when I have the hosepipe on, she lunges forward at the water and drinks it, and barks.

With her running around the pool, is it just sheer excitement? or is she perhaps protecting the kids? or is she trying to round them up like she does when they are running around the garden?

She is driving our neighbours potty with her constant barking and when we put her in the house and shut the door, she whines and barks to be let back out again with the kids.

maybe she wants the kids out of the pool - because it's hers?

Maybe she is worried they are in trouble? are they splashing a lot, maybe the noise has something to do with it?
Thanks for the reply.

There's a lot of maybe's there Very Happy

I was hoping for a definately answer Very Happy

If only dogs could speak English, though we do try our best to speak doggie, woof, woof,

yes the kids do splash alot, as all kids would do in a pool and make a lot of noise. Last year we had to keep Blue around the back of the house, out of sight of the pool for her to be quiet, and now that the kids have started to use the pool again, I really dont want to have to go through tying her up again, its not fair on Blue, and also we have neighbours this year whereas last year they hadnt moved in, so its going to be even more difficault trying to keep Blue quiet.

I personally dont mind, because if I tell Blue to come away then she will, for about 5 secs and then gos back again, but its just the neighbours.
They are retired, and obviously want to enjoy the hot summer days, relaxing by the pool, but wont be able to with a dog constantly barking non stop for hours on end.

Blue does get a bit of a sore throat come the end, the pitch of her bark changes from where she's been barking too much. Laughing
my girlfriend has a 14 month old yellow lab..he was never interested in the pool until last week....jen had a friend and her baby come for a visit from back east and when they got in the pool, jedi went balistic...jumped in the water, tried to grab the baby by his diaper out of his mothers arms and swim him back to the edge....honestly, i have never seen anything like it before....

maybe blue is trying to do somehting similar??
Blue sounds just like my Pepsi.
He goes nuts when the kids are in the pool.

Pepsi does go into the pool, to the second step and barks. Rolling Eyes
I think it's the fact that he cannot herd them while they are in the pool.
Pepsi won't swim, but he will stand on the step if the kids are near.
If they swim towards the deep end he will get out and run to the closest point of the pool and bark.

When the barking gets too annoying Pepsi will get kicked out of the pool area. But he will try to get back in. Laughing Last year he dug a hole under the fence.

I feel he is trying to protect the kids. With my son, who has Autism, he is constantly trying to grab him to pull him out of the pool. My daughter he just barks when she leaves the steps area.

I taught both Rags and Pepsi to go into the pool on command. Now they go in on their own, but neither will swim, they just like to cool off on the steps and drink from their humungous water bowl.

My dogs are also famous for running laps around the pool. We call it the Sheepie 500. They run around the pool with our Yorkie Mix right behind them, barking. Laughing
Sami does this at a water hole the kids jump into in the summer. She barks and follows and goes on and on. It is like she is trying to get them out. Have to say she she tired when she is done.
I'm glad to see that it's not just Blue thats mad about water and pools. I think that maybe she is trying to round them up with them all screaming and shouting, climbing in and out the pool, jumping in, a bit the same as the kids running around the garden, she tries rounding them up and chasing after them, though alot of the time she gets in the way and the kids end up tripping over her Laughing

So in which case, there's not alot that I can do about stopping her from doing it, as it's part of their breed anyway.
Cesar Milan had a case where the dog went nuts around the pool.......and couldn't keep out of it. It took CM quite some time to train the dog not to go hyper around the pool. You'll have to do that too. If you could see the episode that would help, but start by putting Blue on a leash and walk around the pool......calm submissive. Then have a child sit beside the pool, walk around, calm submissive. If Blue barks, give the leash a little tug and make your correction sound, not word, sound. Same one you use to stop other behavior......if you don't have one, try TSSSSSST. Have the child get into the water, once again keep Blue calm or make the correction. Progress to splashing, etc.

He needs to be shown how to behave around the pool and when people in the pool. Yelling at him just makes him more excited. You have to show him how to be calm. After awhile you can try him off leash.......calm submissive, etc. Remember to gently reward good behavior, no shouting, high voice praises.......his brain needs new instruction, new orders.
Here is Pepsi at it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN_AOoGdGco

Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
Here is Pepsi at it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN_AOoGdGco

That was so cute Elissa. I am sure he is trying to save Ryan. Laughing
Tangham used to do that here's an old pic of him doing the Sheepie 500 and no one was in the pool.!!!!!!!!


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