Error Messages received when I try to send a PM or Post


Is the problem with me or the forum?

When I try ro send a PM this is the message I get...

Could not connect to smtp host : 0 : Success


Line : 111
File : smtp.php
Did you just try to do it again? I got that message when I hit the refresh button on the forum but then hit it again and it cleared up.

edit: okay, now I'm getting it more often (like when I post)
I found the message that I'm trying to send -- it is in my out box.

Refresh didn't work.

Neither did the next two times I tried to resend it.....

Glad it isn't just me.
I've gotten the debug error once tonight too.
I didn't see it, but I'd guess it was a glitch with the mail server (SMTP = "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol").

When you send a PM or reply to a post that someone is "watching" it sends a notification email. It seems that's just a warning message in the PMs, (I got several copies from you Marie! Very Happy ) I don't know if the posts went through OK. I'd guess they did... but.. did they?


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