Vaio Driver Software Code 10


I am using my dad's laptop which Greg bought for him last year. However dad is even more clueless than me so I'm using it more than him. I've never needed to use the cd/dvd drive before but now I need it urgently to install MS Office (the download is alot more expensive than the cd and I can get a cd easily) but I can't find the cd drive!! I don't think it's ever been there because I tried to play a cd once and nothing happened- literally nothing at all.

So.. Looking at the device manager thingy it says QSI DVD-RAM SDW-086 ATA Device. In Properties it says 'this device cannot start (code10)' After I pressed 'Check for solutions' the message 'Could not load driver software' came up.

Any ideas? I dont want to take it into the shop this week because I'm filing a job application online & it's really important. How long do you reckon it would take them to fix it if I took it to my local shop? More importantly how much would it cost?

I don't think we have ANY info about where we bought it from, it was online and from a company we have never used before and Greg is very efficient about deleting emails Rolling Eyes

Would a system restore fix it? Where should I restore to? Vista was already on the comp when we got it so I have no cd- not that it would help! And would I lose anything like photos if I did that?
Huh? Confused
Sounds like you have a missing, incompatible of corrupt driver.

Reinstall the driver (or download and install the newest Vista-compatible driver from the manufacturer's website) and you should be in the clear.


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