Can i show ???



Does anyone know if an oes can be shown with one blue eye and one brown eye or is this concidered a fault ?? Confused
its not a fault in the US
Thanks for that. Ill have to check the standard here in ireland Smile
It's not a fault anywhere....

The first registered oes was a wall eyed dog.

His name was Wall-Eyed Bob, born in 1883, and which all oes go back to.
Helen, is your pup a registered dog?
It's not a fault anywhere in the world whatever standard your country is under. We show under the UK standard here in Australia, if you look at the standards worldwide on the breed wall eye is OK. Two browns, wall eye (one brown, one blue) is preferred in the breed and two blue eyes is also acceptable in all standards worldwide. Wink

As long as your OES is registered in ireland then there is no reason not to show and wall eyes are completely normal in the breed. If you got your OES from a reputable breeder then look to them for advice in regard to showing your OES if it is a first time for you in the showring with an OES. Wink
Thanks, thats great. yes Oscar is registered here.
People who have no idea about dogs were telling me it was a fault, glad its not. My Oscar has no faults Laughing

Didnt know it was called wall eyes either, you learn something new everyday Very Happy
Hi Helen here is a link for you on the Breed standard you show under in Ireland, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page there is also contact information for the OES Club of Northern Ireland. Very Happy
Thanks everyone xx

Helen & Oscar
Hi Helen, if you are thinking about showing then speak to the breeder about the necessary help and the utensils you will need, download and read the show rules and regulations you have to follow when showing your OES. I hope you have fun an lots of success.
Hi Helen, I think you need to talk to the breeder first, sometimes I think they will want to know if you plan to show, some contracts say to confirm first.


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