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A company claiming their name is Litigation Consulting Services LLC has been taking advantage of LOTS of people.

A mutual friend of mine was suckered into this. She had paid them $386, which is what she was told she owed and now they have called back asking for more.

They contact you and tell you you owe money, but they will not release specific info. In this case they told the woman she owed for a mastercard, yet she hasn't had a Mastercard in 8 years. They would not say which bank or give any info. They tell you if you don't wire money to an individual (in this case Patricia Guerra) within 48 hrs you will be arrested.

Being that I have worked in investigations I asked for the phone number and called this place.
As soon as I started asking questions I was hung up on. Not just hung up on but called vicious names and teased. The one time I called back the woman who claimed to be Sharon Sommers, started reciting the ABC's and hung up. Phillip at their company claims he makes $100,000 a year.
This was not something I asked. I asked who this company is and he said, I make $100,000 a year lady. I said, I don't care if you make a billion dollars a year, you make it by scamming people and you WILL be caught.

I believe my 3rd phone call the woman said, "This is being recorded!", I said, "FABULOUS, you have hung up on my 3 times now and you are in violation of FTC rules and regulations. I am filing a suit against you and I need your contact info." She hung up.
So I called again. This time I disguised my voice and again asked for contact info.
The only game me their website, which has absolutely no info whatsoever.

I told them that BY LAW, if they are contacting someone they have to provide their company info, which they did not. The ycalled this woman and said, Someone has filed a civil suit against you and you need to contact them. YEAH RIGHT!! So this woman said, "Send me something in the mail." They said it was past that stage... and again if she did not make this wired payment within 48 hrs she could go to jail.

Then they started asking for personal info from her... SS # etc. She refused. Thanks goodness!!

If you owe money, they already have your SS #. Do not release it to anyone.
I wonder how many people were scared into believing this.


Never pay someone unless they can furnish proof of this debt!! This company could not...obviously! But thought their scare tactics would work.

Here is two sites that report the exact same scam:

This companies website is
The phone number that we were given was:

During the one phone call call waiting went off. Now all of us who have ever worked at a business knows they do not have call waiting, but numerous phone lines. I believe they call on prepaid phones as they phone numbers seem to not exist. Either does the company... except for a website.

Through their website I found a link to a lawyer's office. I contacted them and told them that they were going to be held responsible unless they provided contact info for this Litigation Consulting Services. His info was:
Joe Perry Redd, Attorney at Law
1959 Parker Court, Suite G
Stone Mountain, GA 30087
Phone: (770) 978-2113
Fax: (770) 978-2994

I called them this morning and they don't know who these people are. They asked for any information I had on this company as they were trying to investigate who they are. I was able to provide them with a phone number. They are not affliated with the scam and ever said this is a scam.

Fortunately after working compliance for a Marketing company for a few years I know the laws. They have to give you their address if you ask.
They did not.

Do NOT fall for this scam!!!

Yesterday I reported them to the BBB, the Attorney General Of Maryland and the FTC.
As a rule, if you really owe someone money, they'll contact you in writing.
They claim the original creditor tried to reach this woman through the mail numerous times over the years. (Interesting, since she has lived at the same address for years)
They claimed the case was then sent to them for collection, but yet they are not debt collectors. They are all Senior Litigation Specialists.
Nice Title huh?

If you do ask them to contact you.... the problem with this is... if they are phishing, they now have your home address which could lead to identity theft.

With situations like this, if it sounds fishy, it most likely is.
If someone is calling you claiming you owe them money they should already have all your information and not be asking for it.
Never give any personal information to anyone over the phone unless you know who you are talking too.

I know Billy's bank called here the one day about possible suspicious activity after I had signed for a charge. Embarassed Laughing They told him why they were calling and then they asked for him to verify he was who he says he was. He refused to give them the information. He then called back his branch and told them about the phone call, which was legit. But he explained that there was no way he was releasing any info to someone who called him. No matter who they claimed they were. They could have been anyone. The bank agreed with him on that.
They told him if it happens again, just say thanks, I'll contact my local branch.

Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
If you do ask them to contact you.... the problem with this is... if they are phishing, they now have your home address which could lead to identity theft.


What I should've said was: tell them to contact you in writing-- and then hang up. No more info.
This happened to me a year or two ago. I cant remember the exact details but I do remember saying I would contact a lawyer before sending any payment or the BBB. I cant remember. I just remember not owing money to the place they said I did.
That's scary stuff......I always check and double check everything in my name, but it's still really scary proving it could happen to just about anyone...


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