Finding myself 'Logged Out'


I keep logging in but when I either go to post a reply or click back to the index I'm suddenly logged out?
Two suggestions:

Be sure you check the little box that keeps you logged in all the time.

Hold down the shift key while you click on "Refresh" in your browser on a page where you seem to be logged out.
I'm finding myself logged out and have to keep signing in while I'm browsing the forum.....I think it's a "cookie" thing but can't find my darn settings. Evil or Very Mad
what little box
When yo uput in your username and password, there's a little checkbox that says something like "Log me in automatically". If you check that little box before you click on submit, you shoulod remain logged in for a long time.... like nearly forever if you don't clear cookies.
My computer must be automatically clearing cookies on it's own or something.......that has to be what's happening. I know I check the box always (and it does say keep me logged in).

I'll post 2 or three times and it bumps me out as if I was never signed in, so I have to go and sign in and find where I left off browsing....
I don't know why you're having an issue.

I'm not sure if this will help, but we can try to add the forum to your trusted sites list:

In Internet Explorer, on the menu bar click on

Tools -> Internet Options

Click on the "Security" tab.

Click on "Trusted Sites"
Click on the "Sites" button.

See that is in the list, or is about to be added.

Uncheck the box that says: "Require server verification..."

Click on "Add"

Then close out the boxes.
I'll try it! Thank you!


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