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My OES is 1 1/2 years old and is only 55-60 pounds. Isn't this small? Should I worry?
I don't think so. There are others here that would know better than me... but I'm not sure it's anything to worry about.
I have heard of small sheepies and large ones too.
At 18 months, your sheepie is pretty much full grown, but may fill out a bit more.

Is your pup male or female? Females tend to be smaller. Also, size greatly varies. I have littermates Sophie and Sherman and Sophie is much smaller (15-20 lbs) than Sherman. She is shorter and has a lighter frame. She was also the smallest of her litter.

Does our pup seem healthy? Have a good appetite? Plenty of energy? No loose stools or vomiting? When you feel along hsi/her back, can you feel ribs (lightly) through the coat and muscle? You should be able to feel them a bit, but not sharply. If you have to work hard to find the ribs, your pup is actually pudgy.
Simone was about that size when she was 1 1/2...had a hard time meeting 60 lbs. Now, at age 10 she's in the mid 60's...too many cookies. She is a itty-bitty sheepie too. Since Jack is at the other end, over 100lbs I can say life is easier with the little ones....they don't take up as much room, are more active and agile and just as goofy.
At 9 months old, Tonks and Luna have both stalled at a tiny 55 pounds. I really wanted huge sheepies, but I saw the dam and sires, and knew I was likely to get little dogs from them.

Still? They are awesome girls. If they never gained another pound, I'd still be thrilled to have them.

i grew up with 100 pound females that weren't over weight. Thats what I'd love to have again one day, but I know that is unusual. My understanding is that females are around 75 - 80 pounds, and males in the 100 pound range.
Maude weighed 65 lbs, on a heavy day, all of her life. Mandy weighed 65-70 lbs.
Bailey and Riley weigh 82 and 88 lbs - both a good weight for their frame.
Lots like there is a pattern and the next one will be crowding 100.
Edgar is 65 pounds.
Thank the Lord you have a small one. My Maggie is 90, Barney is 106. Just more hair to brush, more food to feed, more expensive doses of Heartguard and Frontline, larger crates.

But small or big, they all love you and entertain you like you're the greatest person in the world. Laughing
Fozzie is 2.5 yrs and tall, but has seemed to stabilize at 70 pounds. I keep waiting for him to fill out, but nope.
The size of your dog will depend on several things. 1st, it's pedigree. What size were the dogs in it's backgorund? 2nd, early spay or neutering can tend to make this breed end up a bit "rangier"......taller & narrower. The girls in our lines range anywhere from 65#-90# depending on their pedigrees. Boys generally range from 75#-100#....again depending on their pedigrees. I have a father/son combination here at home. Dad outweighs the son by 10# but son is more upright & taller at the shoulders than dad. Neither one is overweight or underweight. Son's mother was a more upright bitch. The most important thing is that your dog be balanced.

Thank God...that you have a small one....over the Years he will say>>>"Thank You"...for my Bones, my Hipps....hey..don`t care about Size and Weight right now....I`m a Sheepie Breeder in Germany...and i know what Im talk about ...okay???

Regards from Germany...

I think it's a pretty normal weight for a 9month old pup as some sheepies are smaller.
You're not alone! Roxie is 55 pounds and she looks like a little bear cub or a little piglet and she's around 4 years old (she's a rescue, so we don't know her exact DOB). Cosmo is about 18 months and he's pushing 100 pounds and getting fuller each day.

They even have very different fur, Roxie's is very anti-mat prone, Cosmo's wants to tangle/mat at every possible opportunity. Either way, they are both wonderful babies and we love them dearly!!
My little boy fluxuates between 70 and 75 pounds. He's all grown up...he's on the small end for a male. Everyone thinks he was the runt of the litter but he was the first born - he was the biggest of the litter when I got him. Smile


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