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Hi I was wondering if someone knew how to get started in agility and where? I am in Freeport PA and I have a 12 yr old daughter who thinks she would like to try this with our sheepie? Are they good at this and where do I start? Is 7mo too young or too old? Any info would be much appreciated we are thinking of making it a family thing Very Happy
I'm also looking to start agility with my pups; they are both 11 months old.

I did a search and found an obedience trainer that also does agility specific classes. But they say you have to wait until they are at least 12 months; or the jumping can be harmful to their growth. I think some will train, and jsut leave the jumping part out...?
a few low jumps won't hurt them at 11 months - mine started at that age (actually one started at 10 months.)

agility seems to be everywhere these days - the challenge is finding someone who knows how to teach other than Border COllies and Goldens. you can also check your local 4H for your daughter - some areas have agility clubs I believe.

and some OES are great at agility - and some are slugs Smile
Holly is VERY FAST and when we go for walks she can fly over a log with ease!! She is beautiful when she does this. I know NOTHING about this I just thought Holly and my daughter may like to give it a try ...... plus I thought it would be great excercise for both and a confidence builder for my daughter since she has none Crying or Very sad

kerry wrote:

and some OES are great at agility - and some are slugs Smile

*chuckle* I think Tonks was born to do agility. She insists on climbing over everything, hopping over the sofa, perching on top of it, climbing under the bed; you name it. At the park she has to jump onto every bench, and picnic table she sees. The world seems to be her agility course. I also read that things like Agility can help focus a dog that might be a bit "scatter-brained" and thats my beloved Tonks all over! Luna I'm going to try, but I don't have a real feeling for how she'll do at it.
yep I have one of each myself.


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