Beginners Luck?


Is it true anyone else had beginners Luck?

Today was a horse race and the start of the Spring racing Carnival in Melbourne of pretty big horse race season coming up over the next 4 weeks. Hubby had to work today and said let's have a punt of the major race today. WOO HOO I WON small bet that paid off big time Yay!!!

Never bet on horses before and the way I picked the horse for the main race was because I liked the name Laughing Laughing Have absolutely no idea how to read a racing form. Rolling Eyes

Hubby lost I won Woo Hoo and the doggies get something special tomorrow with the win and OH I HAVE TO PAY FOR TAKE OUT TONIGHT NOW Twisted Evil

So is there such a true thing as beginners luck ??????
Congrats Lisa seems you have just had BEGINNERS LUCK Surprised couldn't happen to a nicer person, hope the sheepies enjoy their treat and you and your Hubby the carry oot. Cool
Congrats on the win!!! I had "beginners luck" one time also....the first time I ever bought a Lottery Ticket...I won $82. I used my winnings to buy my kids a Nintendo. Very Happy (that shows you how many years ago it was. lol)
Congratulations! luck runs in three' expect another two wins on something! Laughing
Many years ago my mother would take my younger brother and me to the horse track where we joined Mom's dear lady friend. It was always cool up in the Jockey Club (we didn't have home air conditioning), we kids could drink ourselves silly on Shirley Temples and the ladies could play the horses. I liked to play along and was given 1 bet per day. I always bet on either the blackest horse or the grey horse and did fairly well. Actually I learned to read a racing form so that improved my "winnings."

Congratulations on your win! Sometimes a name or color is all it takes to get that winner.
Some years ago,the bank where I used to work ran a Melbourne Cup Sweep that we paid into every payday and I never joined as I know zilch about horses or betting,but one year they were a person down,so I joined and I drew Black won and I won my very first dishwasher!Beginners luck!Mind you I was never in the sweep again.
Congrats!!! That sounds like so much fun! Your wins should be spent ON YOU!!!!!!!! The dogs are too lucky Wink Just watched an episode of Girls Next Door last night where they went to a horse race. hehehe (embarrassed to admit that)
Congrats, I went to the races with my uncle as a child. I loved going to the paddock to see the horses and he would let me place a bet. I always bet on the prettiest horse or the color of the jockey's clothing.
I'm sure the ladies and the gent will appreciate their treats.
I've only been to the horse races once and had a ball. I didn't win anything though.

I was in first place in the college football pool last year (till the last three games). I based my pics on whether or not I knew a sheepie in that state, LOL.

Spend the rest of your winnings on yourself, buy something decadent. Very Happy
Congrats Lisa that was your beginners luck. Like you I would have idea on how to read a race forum for horses. My picking would have consisted of, I like that one.


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