The Dulux Advertising Film



i hope, i placed that in the right Section??? No Idea...?

I think everybody saw that Commercial of Dulux Colours....with the lot ofSheepies..????

oh my god what a sad English...I`m writing...Sorry...
Does anybody know where that shooting was made???....England, Australia, US????? or does anybody know the Producer.....???

Could you send me an E-Mail.....Please??? to>>>

Thank You very much....and Greetings from Germany...

Hi Michael your english is fine.

Dulux Commercial was made in Sydney, Australia for Dulux, 13 OES used in the ad.

If you need anymore details then PM me Wink
Is this the commercial with all the sheepies getting a stir stick for the guy?
yep thats the one! Laughing
how can that be 13 the sheepies? Looks like a 100 in commercial...I guess thats's TV.
Thats the most amazing ad ever!I love it,ever since its started to show on tv I have had friends ringing me to see if we have seen the ad.


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