BOSE sound system


anyone have the Bose sytem for their tv?

I am finding it hard to follow which one we should get discussions with my husband - I thought I knew now I am confused - again.
I will not offer any advice. The closest Bob & I have come to divorce in 32 years was the night we hooked up our surround system. Rolling Eyes
Yes, we have the surround sound system. It was the only one offered back then......10+ years?? We love it! Got it because hubby has hearing problems and with the surround sound he can better understand the TV. I hooked it up....of course analog TV back then. Since Bose came out with their system, they've expanded and now have competitors.

It's older now and I'm noticing trouble from time to time. But when we get a new hurry, we'll get a new system as well.

For us, our TV is in a great room type situation, not the best as there are too many rooms that open onto it. So the true surround sound isn't true for us. If your room is fairly closed, the systems are great!

PS, if you look at the second to last pix on my file (camera) you'll see the speakers sitting on the table
Ours is about 5 years old and workingn fine. We do have a few draped wires though. We looked into the wireless system, but replacing the batteries would be a pain.
Very Happy Would not advise the Bose products....

Way over priced and not very good sound although they do have the greatest marketing in the history of audio.

As an avid "audiophile" I understand WAF (wife acceptance factor) Wynette does let me have the media room full of Large and rare equipment (extremely expensive..Thanks Honey!) which does sound amazing but everywhere else WAF applies!

I am assuming you are wanting HTIB (Home theater in a box) rather than having to shop for individual pieces so I would suggest:

Onkyo HTIB 908
Feel free to pm me or Wynette
I havbe had 2 experiences with Bose.

1) Way back when (was before 1992) I bought a pair of floor standing (501?) speakers. I placed them in the room, carefully measuring everything to the inch about where I shoulod position them according to the provided detailed instructions. I turned on the stereo, and all I could hear was the world's largest amount of bass ever. I thought I had accidentally knocked a setting on my receiver or equalizer, but nope. So I rearranged everything according to the instructions to reduce bass, but no luck. I was renting on the second floor of a 2 family and there was no way this was going to work. They were returned.

2) I purchased the Bose 3-2-1 system for about $1000 for my home around 2001, with the forward looking idea of putting it into my motorhome. The DVD system kept crashing and hanging. Apparently this was a known bug. It was returned.
Cool Thnks for the lead Joe! When time comes I'll ask what to get.
thanks Joe and Ron - I sent your messages to hubby - maybe we will have to rethink the BOSE.
There is a saying in the sound field which is, "No highs, no lows, must be Bose".
I would have to agree with SheepEdog on Bose. It is way overpriced to start with and I've never really liked their sound. I do have a set of Bose speakers but they were a mis-shipment on an install and they said we could keep them.
Husband just surprised me with a Bose wave radio......Christmas present. ssssssssh. I'm underwhelmed by the sound. It's OK and I'm sure with his hearing it's fine. Maybe if I find a better placement it will sound better. Room shape and size is a concern. I think Mom's unit in her apartment sounded better than this does.
well, oonce hubby sets his mind to something there is no going back. thanks for all the input pbut he went out yesterday and bought the BOSE, of course he is half deaf so I assume the lack of range won't bother him - I guess at least it is better than what we had, which was an old home theatre set up, which wasn't hooked up Smile


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